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Oct 29, 2007 04:03 PM

Mi Piacia? or....

I am taking some folks (7) out to dinner in a couple weeks and have heard great things about Mi Piaci in the past but nothing recently. Last I heard was a year or so ago and that the quality was markedly down from their previous reign. If Mi Piaci isn't still up there in quality, any other Dallas recommendations?

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  1. Mi Piaci was down for awhile, but the original chef has returned and I have seen a great improvement.

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      I had a lovely meal at Mi Piaci two weeks ago and would recommend the place based on my visit. For full review:

    2. Mi Piaci is one of my favorites, although I haven't been in quite some time (I haven't lived in Dallas since 2003, although I have been since my move)...

      Another idea might be Arcodoro/Pomodoro in the Quadrangle (in the Uptown neighborhood). Great Italian.

      I also think that Avanti (also in Uptown on McKinney Ave.) is very good, though the other two would still be my top picks.

      1. The Grape...get reservations...New owner/chef...better than ever

        1. I did Mi Piace on whim back in July with my sister. It was fantastic. The pasta was very fresh and delicious.

          1. Thanks. All. Good to hear that it's back in good form. What better than for the original chef to come back.