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Oct 29, 2007 03:29 PM

Day of the Dead

Does anyone know where I would (most likely) be able to at the last minute pick up sugar skulls and pan de muerte in the DC area? Thanks.

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  1. We make our own sugar skulls -- very easy.

    My guess is that there are a number of bodegas in Wheaton that would carry the molds for them, or for that matter may carry sugar skulls and pan de muerte themselves, but I don't have names for you....

    1. Don't know about sugar skulls or molds, but last year, I called numerous Hispanic bakeries in Montgomery County, as well as a few in Riverdale, Md., and none carried pan de muerto. I don't think the bread is that hard to make on your own; do a Web search for a recipe.

      1. In Riverdale there is an excellent Mexican bakery called La Flor de Puebla 6300 Kenilworth Ave (301) 699-8657 and they have been making pan de muerto for weeks.

        I am on the hunt for sugar skulls too, let me know if you find any and vice versa.

        1. Ok, thanks for the suggestions. I'm going on the hunt tomorrow. If I find the sugar skulls, I'll be sure to give an update.