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Oct 29, 2007 03:29 PM

Ribs in PDX?

Can anyone recommend a place for outstanding ribs that compare to the now closed Sweetwater Jam's on Belmont? Thx

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  1. Podnah's is the first place people here will recommend. I'd suggest a couple of places that I believe are just as good:

    1. Buster's for baby backs.
    2. The guy who sets up in the parking lot next to Thai Roses and Noodles across from the Safeway on Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy in Raleigh Hills. Saturdays only. Possuibly the best barbecue in town. He's got great beef and pork ribs. His cajun chickens are also to die for. As is his brisket.

    1. I'm no ribs expert, but I can't get enough of Reo's Ribs on the TV Highway. Also fantastic baked beans...

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        Hands down, the best ribs in pdx are the pomegranate-glazed pork ribs at Carlyle's happy hour. Seriously..these are awesome ribs.

        1. re: Kim D

          I love those pomegranate glazed ribs, they ARE awesome.

          But for traditional BBQ-type ribs, Charles (the guy in the lot on Beaverton-Hillsdale) or Podnah's are my faves. A bucket of rib tips from Cannon's isn't a bad choice, either.

          1. re: JillO

            Where's that lot on Beaverton-Hillsdale? I haven't heard about this one before.

            1. re: Nettie

              He used to be in the Thai Roses lot on Oleson at the corner of Beaverton-Hillsdale. He was last seen using a lot ON Beaverton Hillsdale over between Oleson Rd. and 65th...I think the lot is for Club Amazon, or some club/bar. It's across from the Safeway there.

              His name is Charles and he isn't there every Saturday. If you see and smell the smoke, he's there! ;o)

              I think the business is called "Delicious Texas Pit BBQ."

                1. re: Nettie

                  HOLY CRAP!! I have been trying to locate this guy for a month of Saturdays. Has anyone spotted him recently? Does anyone have a phone number for him? Does he cater?

                  1. re: justinbaxter

                    I think - not sure, but I think - he may only work spring, summer and fall. I live near the lot and I haven't seen him all winter.

                    1. re: justinbaxter

                      from last year:

                      Delicious Texas Pit BBQ
                      East of Oleson Rd on
                      SW Beaverton Hillsdale
                      Parking lot varies - usually in the Club Amazon? parking lot
                      Portland, OR 97225
                      Charles Moss

                      Saturdays only, but not if he has a catering job. Made fresh and pulled straight off the pit. Wood only.

                      1. re: Roy

                        Roy -- you are the man! With any luck, you just made my Superbowl. If not that, then the 4th of July BBQ is going to rock. Thanks a million. JMB

                        1. re: justinbaxter


                          Delicious Texas Pit BBQ
                          East of Oleson Rd on SW Beaverton Hillsdale
                          In parking lot for Code 503 (Dance/Sports/Bar)
                          Portland, OR 97225

                          Charles has now built himself a little semi-permanent shack at the entrance to the parking lot for Code 503 (across Beaverton-Hillsdale from the Safeway, east of Oleson Rd.). He is not there cooking and serving yet, but it looks like it will happen relatively soon.