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Oct 29, 2007 02:58 PM

Triangle Veg Society Thanksgiving feast now taking reservations. I went to last year's event and it was a true feast -- I left feeling very satisfied, stuffed to the gills, yet still wanting to eat more of the incredible food. You can check out the planned menu at the link above. Anybody else been to the feast or is planning to go this year?

(I'm not associated with the event in any way except as an excited attendee.)

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  1. Yes! I was just telling someone about this earlier today. A truly wonderful experience and I heartily recommend it for anyone (unless you absolutely have to have turkey or ham on Thanksgiving). I went several years ago when I was still living in Chapel Hill and loved it. I don't apologize for being a carnivore at times but do not feel the need to have meat either and this satisfied all aspects of what I want in a meal. Plus, it was not full of fake meats - tofurkey, quorn, etc. - but a wonderful array of hearty and flavorful vegan offerings. The place was packed and atmosphere was festive. I left stuffed and and my only regret was that my girlfriend and I had committed to another more conventional gathering later in the day. This was all we really needed to celebrate Thanksgiving.- good food, good company and a sense of community. By all means go. I just wish there was something close to this in Atlanta where I live now.