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Oct 29, 2007 02:52 PM

Shrimp and Grits For Potluck?

I'd like to bring shrimp and grits to our work lunch potluck but I'm not sure if this is something that will still taste good if made the night before? Any thoughts?
Otherwise, does anyone have a good make ahead dish using shrimp in a casserole form? Thanks all!

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  1. Are you planning to make light a grits casserole, where there's eggs in the grits and then they're baked? If you are thinking of just making straight up grits from the stovetop wouldn't the grits sort of set up or something. Sorry I'm of no help as grits aren't something I'm fully familiar with. You can always make a seafood pot pie in a casserole. Just make some shrimp stock and replace all the chicken ingredients in a chicken pot pie with shrimp stuff.

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      i hadn't thought of a seafood pot pie but that sounds like a good idea too. well, i obviously haven't figured out my dish yet but i do appreciate your suggestion and comments! Thanks.

    2. I'd skip the shrimp and grits, neither hold nor reheat very well in that form. (You can do things with leftover grits, but it won't be the soft mush that is thought of when one thinks of shrimp and grits.)

      I can't think of anything in which shrimp could be cooked ahead of time and still do well in something like a casserole. Do you have the ability to cook it (ie, toaster oven or something similar) at work?

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        Well, I'm now considering something with maybe shrimp and orzo salad? unfortunately I wouldn't have access to a toaster oven but we do have a microwave.
        thanks for your help.

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          Oh, sheesh. I was just at a brunch at which one of the main dishes was shrimp and grits...catered in. Here's how it worked: Make the grits separately (the ones this caterer brought were cooked in milk, so they were extra-creamy and soft) Cook your shrimp in your onion and garlic and PACK THEM SEPARATELY. The caterer toted them in extra-large zip bags. She also had a kind of veggie stew...zucchini, red peppers, onions, garlic. She reheated the veggies and THEN ADDED THE SHRIMP. If you've cooked the shrimp until just about done, adding them to very hot vegetables will 1) finish their cooking, 2) heat them sufficiently. You can heat the grits and serve them side by side so folks can adjust their own proportions. And y'all who've just had hissy fits that "you can't do that!" - well, yes. You can. Shrimp and grits. Quite portable.

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            If it's shrimp and orzo you want, you might like to consider Ina Garten's Roast Shrimp and Orzo salad. I made it this summer and loved it. It's really quick and easy. She roasts the shrimp in the oven....


        2. Unless you are talking about a small group, I recc never making anything like shrimp and grits for a potluck Invariably, the first few diners scoop out most of the shrimp and half way through the line, all that will be left will be a pan of grits.

          1. Someone posted this around Easter this year and I made it as an appetizer for my husband's picky family. They went wild for it, I'd make it again any time.
            Read the comments, there are a few references to reheating, and preparing beforehand.