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Oct 29, 2007 02:48 PM

Best Chinese in DC?

Hey foodies...can you please shed some light on the best chinese in DC, specifically I am looking for excellent general tso's chicken. and I am very specific about my general tso's, I love it spicy, sweet, and of course the chicken pieces cannot be fatty.

I live in Dupont and have been to City Lights (not very good), Meiwah (fatty chicken pieces), but want to know of other chinese places that people have experience above average general tso's!


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  1. I'm a pacifist. I don't eat food named for brutal military thugs.

    However, when I am in the mood for a real foodie treat, I get an order of Popeye's spicy chicken and sneak into Wendy's and smuggle out about three dozen sweet and sour dipping sauces and mix everything together in the microwave.

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      Oh Steve. You really know how to live.

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        You're in rare form my friend. What have you been drinking lately?

        After all, it's OP's like this one that bring such diversity to these boards!

      2. I don't dig General Tso's but when I'm having a naughty craving for the neon pink stuff (aka. sweet and sour sauce) with deep fried wontons stuffed with fake crab meat and cream cheese, I like to order from Peking Garden on 18th Street. I live over in Logan and they deliver to me, so I'm certain they would deliver to you. Their Chinese American food is pretty decent. Just don't order the shrimp toast. What a mistake.

        1. I think the General Tso's at Tony Cheng's in Chinatown is actually really good. Pieces of real chicken breast and a good flavor.

          1. City Lights of China is great for delivery, I've never eaten there. They have a "Sauteed Light" menu which kicks ass. Not going to be healthy exactly but better than the full on menu. I get the orange chicken every time. They have an online order form as well. Tops I have found so far...

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            1. Last time I was in Chinatown ate at Eat First. Quite good food at reasonable prices. Got a whole fried tilapia in Hunan sauce for $18.95, and shared with a table mate who had string beans stir-fried with garlic. Ate quite well, and would recommend without hesitation.

              Eat First Restaurant
              609 H St NW, Washington, DC 20001

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                second eat first
                also chinatown express on 6th near H in chinatown is very good also