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Oct 29, 2007 02:09 PM

It's all about Vinegar!

I was just curious to see what people had to say about vinegar. I have made flavor infused vinegars, bought infused vinegars from the store, and really enjoyed different brands of vinegar from specialty shops. Recently I have just licked up a white balsamic, fig infused vinegar from my local grocery store.

1) What is your vinegar of choice? on what?

2) Any specialty or infused you would like to recommend?

3) Any additional provocative vinegar thoughts?

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  1. Balsamic... ON EVERYTHING!!! bread, pasta, salad, fruit, cheese... you name it! I also like apple cider vinegar in salads and red wine vinegar in salad dressings.

    Anyone have a favorite balsamic that's wonderful and not over $30???

    1. I'm also a huge balsamic fan. I've recently started experimenting with different vinegars, including an ice wine vinegar I found at the market last weekend (in Toronto). It's delicious in a basic vinaigrette.

      1. I love vinegar! On the flavor spectrum I really prefer tart/acid flavors. I probably have a dozen different kinds of vinegar in the cupboard. My favorite specialty vinegar is the Apricot Lavendar Balsamic vinegar from Big Paw: Unlike a lot of flavored/infused vinegars, I think this one balaces the sweet/herbal flavors very well. It's good just sprinkled plain on mixed greens.

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          Ruth, is there any stores in the Bay Area that sell Big Paw or is it online only? Do you have any other favorite vinegars that are available at most stores?

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            Big Paw sells at farmers' markets -- I don't have a complete list, but I've seen them at three different ones in Oakland: Old Oakland Friday, Grand Lake Saturday and Montclair Sunday.

        2. 1) My favorite vinegar of choice came from a small family winery in Gilroy, CA that apparently is no longer in business...such a shame! It was a red vinegar that made incredible salad dressings.
          2) No recommendations, although I'm sure enjoying the pleasure of combining red pepper flakes, rice vinegar, and citron honey jam from TJ! Zowie! That's a fine dipping sauce for...just about anything!
          3) I have just a little bit left of the provocative and legendary (almost extinct) Gilroy red wine vinegar and I know there is "mother" at the bottom of that bottle. I'm going to have to drink more red wine in the next few months (give me a REAL problem, please!) to add to the "mother", just to see if I can make more of the good stuff. Has anyone ever done this: made homemade vinegar with the "mother"? Does it ever turn out the same? Would I be better off finding a local winery and asking if they have any vinegar for sale?

          1. In order of preference:

            1. Rice

            2. Balsamic

            3. Champagne

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            1. re: ipsedixit

              I'm always curious when people make definitive statements like that -- don't you find that different vinegars are better for different things? Or is that always your "order of preferrence"?

              1. re: Ruth Lafler

                You're absolutely right that different vinegars are suited for different things.

                But my preference ranking above is based on how each of the vinegars tastes on its own. I just like the taste of rice vinegar better than balsamic.