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Oct 29, 2007 02:03 PM


Any comments on the tapas? I'm off to a wine tasting tomorrow night...

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  1. Delicious.

    Have fun-it's a boisterous atmosphere, which is what a tapas bar should be.

    1. at torito or at toro? they just opened a new bar in the basement area this past weekend but their snack/sandwich maker just couldn't get it together to be there for the opening.

      ok selection but not much better than the upstairs area which i much prefer in terms of style.

      tapas: smoked trout salad, andalausian chickpeas and spinach, steak and egg and chocolate flan are always winners for me. never really found the appeal of the ceviche as the fish just doesn't really shine through with the citrus always overwhelming. patates bravas are meh.

      1. Hey Dean. Check out this recent thread - it might be helpful.

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