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Oct 29, 2007 01:54 PM

Good Eats in Williamsport?

Just recently purchased a house in Williamsport. While we're fixing it up, we're staying at a local motel on the weekends (I live in NY during the week). I'm looking for some good restaurants to go to. Any suggestions? We've been to Morrones, Bullfrog Brewery and unfortunately Villa (absolutely terrible, greasy food - unless we caught them on a bad night). I've heard good things about Franco's but have yet to go there. Any reccomendations would be great!! :)

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  1. Check out this recent thread: I think it should give you some good opinions about Williamsport dining.

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      Just realized why the above link doesn't work: there's a period at the end. Try this:

    2. Once you get comfortable and understand that the laid back atmosphere of Franco's is for real you will appreciate the the fine establishment that the Daniele family run.

      Once you get comfortable exploring the area check out:
      Orlando's in Muncy:
      Vics Pub in Lewisburg:
      my favorite: (byob)