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Oct 29, 2007 01:53 PM

Give me a dinner rec

Tomorrow is my 35th birthday and as a present my GF is taking me to dinner anywhere I want. I will eat almost anything, live in the South End and prefer good food at somewhat casual resteraunts over "Fine Dining." Places like ECG, Toro, Masa, Eastern Standard and Giacamo's (which people seem to hate but I love) have served me well in the past and would love another place like this.

Looking for a great meal, thinking Neptune, B&G, Hammersley's, one of the many new steakhouses but cannot decide.

I am open to anything and would love some suggestions.

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  1. Depending on what you want to eat, Neptune, B&G and Hammersely's are all great choices. Steak houses are fun but the price points are ridiculous and I always feel as if I have been "taken" after paying the tarrif. Never felt that way at your 3 other selections. In your neighborhood there are countless options - Union Bar and Grill, Pops, Rocca, Stella, Petit Robert,etc.

    Or splurge and go to Prezza, Taranta or Marco in the North End.

    Happy Birthday - wish I could remember my 35th!

    1. My BF also loves Giacomo's. Have you tried Grotto yet? It is one of his other favorites. It is somewhat casual and the food is really good.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions after considering driving over to the North End we decided to stay local. The Plan was to go to the Butcher Shop for drink and a cheese plate and then head to B&G for dinner.
        The plan unraveled when we got to The Butcher Shop and it was closed, throwing our whole plan into chaos.
        We settled on Union, where I had never been, and we had a great experience. We sat at the Bar and had excellent service, our wine was decanted for us, and great food. We started with Mussels in beer and BBQ sauce and the Rissotto. The mussels were good but the rissotto was excellent.
        For dinner I ordered chicken, which I never do, and it was excellent. Very savory, almost too much salt, great flavor. My GF had the Tuna Tartare for dinner and loved it , there was too much and she couldn't finish it. The bartender threw in a Sorbet Trio after finding out about the whole B-Day thing, it was excellent. I got one bite in beforemy GF polished it off
        Overall an excellent experience, I will be back.
        Finished the night with Drinks and Toro, always a good experience.