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Oct 29, 2007 01:45 PM

Help! Anyone know what restaurants in Cobble Hill/ Carroll Gardens/Boreum Hill or Park Slope are open on Thanksgiving?

Please family is coming out to Bklyn to celebrate Thanksgiving. My kitchen is smaller than a closet. Where can we go for a nice meal in downtown Bklyn?

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  1. 12th Street bar and grill has a Thanksgiving Dinner prix fixe (can't remember how much it was). My wife and I went there recently and thought it was solid comfort food. It's better than Alchemy is now but not nearly as good as Alchemy used to be. The restaurant is really pretty and close to Prospect Park and there is a bar around the corner that is quite nice.

    1. If it's only your kitchen that's too small you could have Jessie's Brooklyn Kitchen cater it and dine in without the fuss. I don't have their number handy, but they're located on the corner of Smith and Baltic and have signs in the window advertising their Thanksgiving offerings.

      1. In years past, Chestnut has served up a delicious Thanksgiving meal. It would be worth it to make inquiries with them as to whether they're open for this turkey day.

        1. I know the last couple of years, on court Street, Quercy and Caffe Carciofo were both open and we've had great meals at each.

          1. Tempo on 5th Ave is open and they are doing a $30 3 course prix fixe until 3:00 I think. I am bringing my whole family and I expect it will be delish!