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Allen and Delancy-anyone been yet?

I'd love to hear reviews...

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  1. Hi Nattie23nyc,

    I'm going tonight. I report back tomorrow.

    1. We went last night and ate at the bar to check it out. Very cool place, dark with candles. Menu is limited but everything we had was great. I had the hamachi app and my husband had the bone marrow - both were fantastic. We split the lamb for entree which was a chop and braised neck. It was excellent. For dessert we had the cheese plate. All was great - service was fantastic as well. The homemade bread they serve was sublime. Can't wait to go back for the tasting menu.

      1. (From a previous post)

        Went with a friend the first day it was opened, sat at the bar and ordered a few items off the menu: Carmelized Bone Marrow, Sweetbread Raviolo and the Skin Roasted Mackerel. Everything was delicious, with the Raviolo being my favorite. They didn't have a drink menu yet, but the bartender said it would skew toward the classics - i.e. Negroni, Manhattan.

        A lovely space with great lighting - candlelit and moody. Perfect for an intimate dinner. The restaurant is small, so once the word gets out, it's undoubtedly going to be hard to get a reservation here.

        I'm looking forward to going back and having a full dinner!

        1. I did dine at Allen and Delancey last night with my husband and a friend. It's a gorgeous, sexy, romantic space. We sat in the dinning room. The wines by the glass were good (I had the pino noir, Montinore and my friend had the Sauvignon Blanc, Terrace Heights Estate). At the table we ordered a bottle of the Volnay from Burgundy, which was wonderful. For apps I chose, Shavings of Hamachi which was very fresh, but I didn't like the grapefruit beads. The taste didn't blend very well. My husband had the bone marrow. He loved it. For dinner I had the Cod. It was light and fresh and very enjoyable. My husband had the porkbelly and my friend got the Lamp Chop. He loved it and said it was very buttery, but he LOVED the Potato Puree on the side. For dessert we shared the Slow Roasted Gala Apple. It was totally unique-an apple pie deconsructed if you will. I don't eat pork, beef or lamb, so I wasn't sure I'd really enjoy this resto. Luckily, there was enough for me to choose from and nothing was as heavy as I expected. I agree with Faithdog-the homemade bread was sublime. I had three pieces and I never eat that much bread!

          1. I went last night and really liked it a lot. It was a terrific place, but, unfortunately, its actually not a place I would recommend for food obsessers. The space was fantastic and intimate - one of the ones you walk into and know from the first second that you'd want to host a birthday party there or something. I have looked at the website over and over the past weeks and still salivated every time I looked at it. My boyfriend and I asked for menu selections, and everything that I had been dreaming about prior to us going was recommended.

            For the appetizers, we had:
            -raviolo of sweetbreads, bolognese, carrots and savoy cabbage.
            -caramelized bone marrow, paddlefish caviar, shallot puree
            -terrine of guinea hen, smoked ham knuckle, foie gras, beets

            For entrees, we had:
            -roasted porkbelly and parsnips
            -duck with turnip confit, radishes, foie gras

            For desserts, we had:
            -milk chocolate crème with pistachio biscuit and olive oil ice cream
            -gala apples wrapped in a pastry with rum raison ice cream.

            Ok. So to be clear: everything was great. I was just waiting that climactic “WOW” which never really showed up throughout the meal. The menu, again, creative/complex/sexy has listed ingredients that never truly show up on your taste buds. I’m not saying they’re not there; I am saying that I have a very sophisticated palate these ingredients may not need to be mentioned unless they inflicted a more exuberant flavor. It would be as if someone featured “flour” in a pancake. (It’s like, um, ya, I know there’s flour in the pancake, but who the hell cares if you can’t really taste it.”)

            The menu used a lot of superlatives and adjectives that actually didn’t erk me until right now reading over it to refresh my memory as to what I ordered exactly. If you’re going to but “slow roasted gala apples, golden puff pastry, etc” why do you not be more precise in saying “roasted apples wrapped in a puff pasty.” Almost the same amount of words, a lot more semantically tempting.

            Ok – so there’s the good and the bad. In a Bruni-betting, I would bet two stars. It is a definite place I would want to take someone for a drink and appetizers, it is a place I would recommend to someone for an “out” New York restaurant, it is not a place I would take a friend to show off your “look at the restaurant that I spent forever finding the perfect place for us so now I can show off to you.” Nope. This is not it.

            1. The food was near perfect. Highly recommanded: the bone marrow appetizer, the duck magret with turnip confit, radishes and foie gras, as well as the lamb chop persillade, and the caramalized orange with its financier, tangerine and basil ice cream.
              The wine list is excellent, if a little overpriced.
              While we ate, the only false note was the music - what are they thinking, with this comfortable decor and the delicate food - that our eardrums are industrial-strength?
              The real sour note was at the end of the meal, though - we were at the "communal" table, since we had no reservation, since we showed up on a whim. The restaurant was quite empty, lots of vacant tables, and we lingered for a few minutes (and I mean "a few minutes" - no camping here), finishing our wine and our conversation - until we were abruptly expelled by the manager who "needed the table for a group". Great, but wasn't there a more tactful way to put it to us, when we had obviously enjoyed our evening, and were already thinking of what next to try on our return visit? The waiter (who had been perfect throughout the whole evening) saw our disappointment and offered to make up for it - but it leaves a sour taste anyway. The food will be enough to make us go back a second time- but probably not a third time if the service remains this cavalier.

              1. went about 1 month ago, the reviews here are on target, great food, unusual prep, nice venue, i would go back for sure

                1. Stopped in for a glass of cava and the hamachi appetizer. I echo Foodiegirl007 - the grapefruit didn't mesh (I detected no bead-ness either - seemed like juice). The fish was very fresh, but a little warmer than I thought it should be, and I couldn't help thinking that caper berries would've been a better choice to set it off. The mini-baguette I was served (ooh! bread even if you just get an appetizer!) was very nice.

                  The bar area is an exceedingly pleasant place to sit - and I don't say that lightly - even on a bone-chillingly cold night when people kept coming in (bastards!) and letting in the freezing air. The only thing that would improve it is if the very cushy stools had backs. Dare to dream.

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                    Ate there last night just prior to the expected Post-Bruni deluge and I am happy to report that my party of four had an exceedingly pleasant experience. The restaurant consists of a very attractive, dark bar area that gives way to two moderately sized dining rooms. The vibe is dark and comfortable.
                    The food was excellent. Bacon dinner rolls were a tasty way to start us off and the apps and mains were solid. We all loved the paddlefish caviar covered marrow, and the chef sent out an extra helping for us, on the house, after hearing that we had enjoyed it.,
                    Scallops were excellent and the Beef and Lamb were first rate. The wine list was interesting and fairly priced.
                    Overall, I'd say it is a winner, particularly if you are looking for a date spot or somwhere to actually have a conversation during dinner. I'll be back.
                    PS. There is a very cool booth/banquet comfortable enough for six or so at the front of the bar.

                    1. re: BernieMSY

                      I went about 5 days after it originally open. The space is great, along with a nice bar area. Had the leeks vinagrette which I thought was a great salad. A really nice way to start off the meal with something a little lighter than most of the menu. Also had the himachi, which was extremely fresh, but most of the flavor of the fish was masked by the grapefruit "beads". I had the duck which was great, very rare, and the fact that it was paired with foie gras was an added bonus. My girlfriend had the pork belly which I thought had way too much fat. The winelist was a little pricey, but overall I thought the place was very good and I would go back and try some of the other menu options.