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Oct 29, 2007 01:33 PM

Allen and Delancy-anyone been yet?

I'd love to hear reviews...

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Hi Nattie23nyc,

      I'm going tonight. I report back tomorrow.

      1. We went last night and ate at the bar to check it out. Very cool place, dark with candles. Menu is limited but everything we had was great. I had the hamachi app and my husband had the bone marrow - both were fantastic. We split the lamb for entree which was a chop and braised neck. It was excellent. For dessert we had the cheese plate. All was great - service was fantastic as well. The homemade bread they serve was sublime. Can't wait to go back for the tasting menu.

        1. (From a previous post)

          Went with a friend the first day it was opened, sat at the bar and ordered a few items off the menu: Carmelized Bone Marrow, Sweetbread Raviolo and the Skin Roasted Mackerel. Everything was delicious, with the Raviolo being my favorite. They didn't have a drink menu yet, but the bartender said it would skew toward the classics - i.e. Negroni, Manhattan.

          A lovely space with great lighting - candlelit and moody. Perfect for an intimate dinner. The restaurant is small, so once the word gets out, it's undoubtedly going to be hard to get a reservation here.

          I'm looking forward to going back and having a full dinner!

          1. I did dine at Allen and Delancey last night with my husband and a friend. It's a gorgeous, sexy, romantic space. We sat in the dinning room. The wines by the glass were good (I had the pino noir, Montinore and my friend had the Sauvignon Blanc, Terrace Heights Estate). At the table we ordered a bottle of the Volnay from Burgundy, which was wonderful. For apps I chose, Shavings of Hamachi which was very fresh, but I didn't like the grapefruit beads. The taste didn't blend very well. My husband had the bone marrow. He loved it. For dinner I had the Cod. It was light and fresh and very enjoyable. My husband had the porkbelly and my friend got the Lamp Chop. He loved it and said it was very buttery, but he LOVED the Potato Puree on the side. For dessert we shared the Slow Roasted Gala Apple. It was totally unique-an apple pie deconsructed if you will. I don't eat pork, beef or lamb, so I wasn't sure I'd really enjoy this resto. Luckily, there was enough for me to choose from and nothing was as heavy as I expected. I agree with Faithdog-the homemade bread was sublime. I had three pieces and I never eat that much bread!