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Oct 29, 2007 01:30 PM

What to Order at TWO?

Looking for suggestions on what to order for dinner/dessert at TWO restaurant. Thanks!

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    1. I liked the braised lamb cheeks, the Spaghettini w/sea urchin, & the marrow bones.

      1. Was there on Saturday evening and our party of four really enjoyed just about everything. Would highly recommend the fettucine with fennel sausage, which we split as an appetizer, and the pork schnitzel with lemon and braised escarole. The pasta was light in texture, but very flavorful with the combination of a toothy, meaty flavor from the well-trimmed sausage meat and a bit of a bite from the chili peppers. Very, very good flavors. I was disappointed that they had run out of the short ribs with horseradish potatoes, but one taste of the schnitzel with it's crispy crust and tender center, and the ribs were quickly forgotten. For dessert we shared the mini ice cream sandwiches, baked alaska and cupcakes. If there was a weak link, it was the baked alaska. Maybe it was just too much ice cream at once.