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Oct 29, 2007 01:23 PM

Solo woman in SD

I'll been in San Diego in a few weeks and staying at the Sofia Hotel (150 W. Broadway). I don't know SD well but I think it is near Horton Plaza. Can anyone recommend a restaurant for dinner for a woman. A lively place with good food. American, Mexican or seafood would be great. Thanks.

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  1. If you don't mind the informality of an oyster bar, I think you can have a lot of fun, even while solo dining, at Oceanaire's oyster bar. It's fairly pricey, though, but food wise you will be set. And make sure you have their crabcake - bypass their sauce and use a pinch of salt instead. (Ask for a pinch bowl of kosher salt from the kitchen - the sea salt they have at the oyster bar is too fine and dry and flows like regular table salt, the kind that comes in the huge tubular shakers. I'll be bringing in some moist sea salt from home on my next visit!)

    1. The restaurant in the hotel - Currant - is good, so you should give that a try - they have a lovely bar. Dobson's is very close, over near Horton Plaza - you can eat at the bar there - give the mussel bisque a try if you like rich food.

      I'd also recommend Cafe Chloe, a little further East, for lunch or dinner, you will see others eating alone at the bar. I also second the recommendation for Oceanaire (good happy hour deals.) For casual dinner/takeout Sammy's Woodfired Pizza over on 4th does good pizza and salad, and there is a very good Indian place called Gourmet India almost right next door. Sushi Deli Too right on Broadway is popular because it's so cheap - stay away from anything with crab unless you like it with a "k" - some of their hot dishes are pretty good though, and the crunchy roll is fine.

      For quick "cafe" food Nordstrom Cafe in Horton Plaza is good, and the Westgate has a "gourmet" deli on the side of the building near the Grant Hotel (on 3rd, I think). The place is a little odd, but the sandwiches are good. They close at 3 PM. Horton Plaza also has several food court type places on the top floor, as well as the Napa Valley Grille and Panda Inn, which are both decent for what they are.

      1. I 3rd Oceanaire, 2nd Cafe Chloe and Nordstrom's Cafe.

        Cafe Chloe is a wee bit of a hike from your hotel, but well worth the walk and/or short cab ride. Really good pomme frites, if you're into french fries and their variations.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions. Now I have enough choices that I have don't have to settle for something unknown and "not very good."

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            It is pretty safe in that area; I am down there at night quite a bit and as long as you walk like you mean it, you'll be fine. I usually park down toward 10th and walk toward 4th, on Market or on G. Cafe Chloe is at 9th and G.

            Really, the Cafe at Nordstroms is elegant...You order and pay first and sit down and they bring it to you...cloth tablecovers and napkins.

            1. re: Cathy

              Cafe Chloe X 2. Oceanaire is also very good.

              Sushi at the Fish Market is very reasonable and offers a stunning view. Often take out-of-towners there.

              Don't miss out on Little Italy down India St. Lots of solo diners at Indigo Grill and they have a wonderful mussel dish.

              Nordstrom Cafe is very nice.

              I also happen to like St. Tropez Bakery and Bistro for a quick and reasonable sandwich

          2. I've never had any problems dining solo in SD...or anywhere for that matter. But a fun place where you can walk away with phone numbers--with decent sushi and scene--is Cafe Japengo in La Jolla.

            Cafe Japengo
            8960 University Center Lane, San Diego, CA 92122