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SAN JOSE good eats....?

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Plan to visit the mystery house and want to eat lunch near there while in San Jose. Can you help us decide where to go for good value, nothing fancy or expensive pls. Thanks a lot.

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  1. Krung Thai is an obvious choice. I've been to the location on Winchester just south of 280. It's as good as Thai gets in this area and it's neither fancy nor expensive.


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      I second Krung Thai!

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        Definitely Krung Thai!

      2. While I haven't been, I've wondered about Citronelle right near the mystery house on Winchester. See link to lunch menu. Modern Vietnamese cuisine. Anyone eaten there recently? Alice?

        Link: http://www.citronellemv.com/Lunch.shtml

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          Since this old thread got bumped up, let me just interject that Citronelle closed on June 30th, per word of the Mercury News.

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            Say it ain't so.
            I loved my one visit there and have been meaning to go back!

        2. you're also across the street from santana row. pizza antiqua might fit the bill of what you are looking for.

          1. I haven't been to Citronelle, but I had a small bite once from Asia Moon, a 1 yr new Vietnamese restaurant in that area, on 385 Winchester (across from Santana Row). Asia Moon's menu seems like it's halfway between traditional vietnamese and Slanted Door-dressed up vietnamese. The atmosphere is pretty nice, with its traditional asian decor plus modern accents. The proprietress is from North Vietnam and some items on the menu reflect that. Prices are fairly cheap ($7-15 for entrees, but my memory is rusty).

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              2nd on Asia Moon. Been a regular since they opened. There's also Kahn's next door. Within Santana Row there's Wahoo's, Pasta Pomodoro, Pizza Antica, etc.

              Yiassoo's further down winchester, and the european cafe across the street behind the pizza parlor. Sushi Kazoo on winchester/hamilton.

              um...that's all off the top of my head.

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                Can you tell us which dishes you've enjoyed at Asia Moon? I'm still meaning to go back & have a real meal there.

            2. Aqui sounds perfect for you for cheap nearby awesomely good Mexican food. See my recent post.

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              1. Another vote for Asia Moon across from Santana. We go there whenever we are in the area. Great rolls and Vietnamese crepes.

                1. Another vote for Krung Thai.

                  If you've never had traditional ramen before, try Ramen Halu on Saratoga Ave. or Do Henkotsu on Moorpark Ave. Both are excellent and about one exit away on 280. These 2 places are small and get pretty crowded though.

                  I also like Sam's BBQ on Bascom.

                  1. Krung Thai is excellent (arguably some of the best Thai food I've ever had, but it's a drive from the Mystery House. Santana Row is directly across the street and has excellent restaurants. The restaurants in Santana Row, however, generally aren't known as being a good value. The exceptions are Pizza Antica and El Jardin Tequila Bar & Restaurant. Antica, in my opinion, has the best food in Santana Row. Chef is Gordon Drysdale formerly of Gordon's House of Fine Eats in Potrero. El Jardin is a casual outdoor lounge with the most amazing atmosphere. The whole restaurant is hiddenunder an enormous old oak tree. Great place to sit on a warm day. They serve all smalll plates of simply prepared mexican dishes, generally very tasty.

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                      I'm not sure if you're thinking of a different Krung Thai location (since there are many in the South Bay), but the Winchester Mystery House is between two locations on Winchester. The one south of the 280 is .2 miles away and the one north is .6 miles away.

                      I think Krung Thai is good (my choice so far for Thai in the South Bay), but I haven't been blown away by it.

                      My first choice would be Zeni for stellar Ethiopian food. It's about 4-5 miles away but definitely worth the trip!

                      Ethiopian in San Jose - Zeni: Come Come for the Gored Gored, Stay Stay for the Firfir