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Oct 29, 2007 12:45 PM

Anyone hear of Nyack Seaport?

I just got engaged and am in the midst of finding a place for our reception. We stumbled upon Nyack Seaport and really love it. We went to Lena's restaurant, which is attached to and uses the same kitchen as Nyack Seaport, and we really enjoyed the dinner. I haven't had any luck finding too many reviews on the place though. If you have any information on this place, I'd greatly appreciate your feedback. Thanks so much!

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  1. have been to numerous bar/bat mitzvahs, 50th bday party, etc. Food is good- not great but fine- I hear that the prices are very reasnable compared to other places. It really depends on your menu and cocktail hour menu- choices- be careful and specific about your concerns(pastas overcooked, too much dressing, dried out entrees, etc)

    1. My daughter booked her wedding at the nyack seaport for July'08. we had an appointment with the view on the hudson and 2 people told her the food was terrible there but she should check out the nyack seaport. we did and both fell in love with it. we also were invited to eat at Lena's and we thought our dinner was delicious..i dont think you hear much about it because it hasnt been there that long. My daughter liked that it had a more restaurant feel to it rather than a typical wedding hall and loved the idea of being on the waterfront with the beautiful view. i hope we made the right decision because we also dont know anyone who actually went to a wedding there...Good luck with your plans.

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        I saw that your daughter had a July 08 wedding planned at the Nyack Seaport, and I just wanted to see how it went, and what you thought of it. I recently became engaged, and am looking for a reception site along the hudson that is reasonably priced. Did you feel the price was worth the service and food?

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          I would highly the recommend the Nyack Seaport. My daughter's wedding was beautiful and they couldn't have been nicer to deal with..Valicitie is great! The food was excellent and the ceremony was beautiful. The only negative is we had 150 people and that was a little crowded for the cocktail hour. But the food was soooo good nobody seemed to mind. I would definitely NOT have more that 150 people. However, the upstairs room for the reception was the perfect size. Good luck with your plans.