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Hamiliton Township, NJ 1960's?

I grew up in Hamilton Sq. and have a recollection of my dad taking me to get pork roll sandwiches from a drive in type restaurant on the northwest corner of Quakerbridge and I think, Sloans Rd. where the gas station is now. Across the street from the liquer store. I remember driving up the dirt parking lot and there being a small horse or donkey hitched up there. Can someone remember anything like this? I used to call it the donkey place....

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  1. BUENOSDS, I dont remember (im from ny) but i asked a friend and he writes:
    I do remember it. It was either Cases or Trenton or Taylor pork roll and it seemed like the only thing they sold. I think it was Case’s but I’m pretty sure there was also one at the rt.9 and 33 circle. But I do remember that shack on quakerbridge rd. Now I got a wooly for pork roll, eggs and cheese on a hard roll. Yum. (see link below)


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      THANK YOU nyebaby37! I'm not crazy!! someone else remembers! i have been asking that question for about a year now. and i sure miss pork roll around here too!

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        I assume that you and nyebaby37 are jersey alumni but no longer live in the area. Well, don’t despair, there’s a number of websites that will ship you pork roll and other local favorites, e.g., Tastycakes, scrapple, et al. Google “pork roll” or try http://www.porkrollxpress.com/

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          thanks tom! yup born and raised in hamilton sq, moved to nyc at 19. do you remember the pork roll place on quakerbridge rd having a donkey outside?
          and how much do you miss the Parfait House fish and chips?

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            How about Twin Treat on Rt 33 for a triple steak sandwich, where
            Mamino's 3 is now.

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              o yeah! Is that little restaurant that served breakfast still accross the street from maninos 3 still there? boy , I could go for a vitos cheesesteak right about now!

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                Don’t remember the Twin Treat on 33. We used to get cheese steaks at Pete’s Steakhouse on Liberty St.

                How about the Broken Drum up near the Brunswick Circle on Princeton Pike? The first Mickey D’s in the area on N. Olden Ave. I think a plain burger was 16 or 17 cents! You could get a couple of burgers, fries and a coke for under a buck.

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                  I don't remember the Broken Drum, but I do remember Pix, right next to the Brunswick Bowling Lanes. It was basically a real good McDonalds and did well until they found out they were selling meat other than beef. It was rumored to be kangaroo !

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                    The broken drum was on
                    Prospect out by the Ewing drive-in. Down on 35 you can go to Circus it's the same!!!!DEB

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                    That was The Ranch house at Harneys Corner in Lawrence...Deb

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                      I’m sure your right. The “Ranch House” does sound familiar. I was thinking of the place that was on the point of the “Y” where Lawrenceville Rd. (Rt. 206) intersected with Princeton Pike. Is that Harney’s corner? It was about a half mile from the Brunswick circle and the Merry Go Round bar. It was an old fashion drive-in place featuring charcoaled burgers and dogs and the like. It was a big stop for ND kids after football games and other events.

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                        That is Harneys Corner and the Ranch House was the place. It was owned by the Gesemyers, who lived across the street from ND, in a house which is now a funeral home.

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                          That's right my motherSandra Updike-Jarvie babysat for them, it was then my pediatrician Dr. Feorella then a hair place because I got my Dorothy Hammill there and my first acryllic nails!!!!Mom said the Gravatts next door owned the Polar Bearcustard stand on S. Broad and had one daughter Becky whom my mother also babysat. that place sat on the corner and became a meat place, but they moved to florida Paul Gesmeyer who lived on Fairfield and 206. My great-grandmother lived next to ND and the Franzonis on the south side!Deb

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                          That's Harney's corner! there used to be a hat store on the right(with the bay window, still there) and Harneys corner garage on the left. My Pop-pop told me all about the Ranch House nd I remember eating there too. Great food! Deb Oh, did you know the Merry go round really turned round slowly years ago? They stopped it though, but my Dad playd softball for them and I went to school with the Musente's who used to own it. I miss their keilbasa sandwhich,yumm.Deb

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                            I grew up on Helen Ave. and we visited the Go Round regularly. As a kid my favorite was the big roast beef sandwich. Later my favorite was the 25 cent draft beer !
                            Most of the Muscente's live in Hopewell now. They were good friends of my family and I played soccer with Marty, Larry and Anthony.

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                              Went to school with them and my dad played on the softball team~

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                    I can’t say I remember the “donkey place” on Quakerbridge Road. The only place I remember on QB road in the sixties was Stoy’s Dairy and ice cream parlor. Babe Stoy was the QB for ND HS football team in 63 and was a local legend. I think he was the son of the owner.

                    I remember the Parfait House on Rt. 33, but for banana splits, not fish & chips. A place on 33 that’s still going strong is Little King. They still make great hoagies and other sandwiches.

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                      Dude, Parfait House is the only thing on my timeline (was born in the mid-70s) besides Little King. My grandfather used to take the whole family there for breakfast every Sunday and all the grandkids for ice cream sundaes whenever we were over. Wish we still had a place like that that wasn't a Friendly's! I loved that place.

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                        And I just noticed that your post was about 18 months old! heehee

              2. Where the Exxon sits!!!! I'm from Nottingham Way. It was called Cases, remember the big jar with the shot glass and how you'd drop the money in and try to land on top? I remember everything!!!DEB

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                  DEB! yes! I do remember that! but do you remember if there was a pony or donkey outside?

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                    I was told a donkey from the old rose farm.DebThat was the only Case except on Olden ave I think near the old lenox building. Taylor was a bigger chain in Atlantic city and Asbury and on their web sites.Deb

                2. I remember this place,best pork roll,egg and cheese sandwhich on the face of the earth.I believe this place was called Palumbos and the guy that was the cook,who also may have been the owner,everybody called Ace.Also,I really miss Twin Treat,1/2 club cheesesteak with fries.Does anyone remember Kate and Al's on QB rd. behind Billy's Old Time Tavern? JoJo's Tavern is still in business,best pizza in Hamilton.This post brought back some good memories. Bob

                  1. Wow - I am now hungry and missing my youth - life was soooo good growing up in Hamilton Sq. Pizza at Tony Cal's, a sundae at the Parfait House, Family dinner at Cedar Gardens, sitting at 5 points waiting for someone to buy us beer - those were the days...

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                      Love the triple steak sandwich at Twin Treat on Rt. 33.

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                        Does anyone remember the Toddle House chain? They were sort of an IHOP serving breakfasts 24/7. One was on Parkway Ave. near Olden. I think the Eat Gud bakery near Klockner and Hamilton Ave was one and I think there was another one, but I can’t remember where. I remember that they had good steak and eggs.

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                          Yes I know I am responding five years later but I spent many summer hours at the JCC pool and we would often walk across the parking lot to the Toddle House.

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                          I was probably with you guys waiting to score some Iron City on the steps of Gropp's Tavern. I would love to get the recipe for spaghetti sauce from Kay and Al's Italian Kitchen. I was friends of the family and went to OLS with their daughter. Best sub was down by the 'tree' on Quackerbridge at Palumbo's. Steamed meat, cheese and roll and best 'oil' anywhere. TwinTreat out in the Square for a Triple Cheese Steak Special. Parfait House for easy cig buy out of machine. Skipping mass at Fred and Pete's deli with lemon buns and lime Ricky's. Riding our new Sting Ray bikes from Bernie's to the best kangaroo burgers ever......Steer Inn by the fairgrounds. And fridays after a Kay and Al's pie, over to the 'window' at Cedar Gardens to watch the flames, them maybe Tony Cals. I would give anything to go back.

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                            I remember Kay and Al's, it was light pink on the outside by Gropp's. Their cole slaw was THE BEST, I have tried to replicate it throughout most of my adult life but have failed miserably. If anyone has the recipe I'd love to have it. I also remember Carvel Ice Cream, my favorite was a vanilla cone dipped in "jimmies"! I grew up in Allentown, and I remember going to Carvel's on a Kindergarten field trip. We each had to draw a picture and thank them, the last time I was there it was still on the wall. Such good memories....!

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                              Wasn't it Polumbos or something like that? How to make aTwin Treat cheesesteak. Oil & vinegar, oregano. We the tomatoes cooked with the onions? What kind of cheese? Anyone remember?

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                                I ate there all the time. I think the owner was called Ace but that may have been the guy at Palumbo's across from the "tree".
                                Depending on the steak you ordered he would put 2-4 slices of Ribeye steak on the grill with some oil then raw onions down the side of the steaks also on the grill. When he flipped the steaks he put the onions on top of the meat and added sliced American cheese. After a short time he split the roll and pushed it onto the steaks to heat it. He scooped it up and put oregano on top. If you got a steak "special" he put raw tomato slices on it. Best I ever had. He was supposed to have had another place down by the Trenton Times on Perry Street possibly called Freeway Steaks but we never had the nerve to go there. We stayed around the Square or Mercerville.

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                                  As soon as you said the steak "special" I remembered that. So yum it was. Will try to recreate. Was oregano the only thing they sprinkled on?Someone told me the tomatoes were cooked, but I didn't think so. And no vinegar, just the oil from cooking them? So glad you responded, oldrocker. We loved that place! Used to love Kay & Al's chicken parm platter as well! Yea. We never went to the Trenton place either. Dont even remember if we knew they moved there. Just couldn't believe they were gone. Thanks again ;)