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Oct 29, 2007 12:06 PM

Yucatecan Food in Roslindale

I've been poking around to see if I can't find a Yucatecan restaurant near Boston. I found mention of two places: Yucatan Mexican Grill and Yucatan Tacos. The owner of the former is named Cupul, which is a good sign to see that there are actually Yucatecos there.

But which would you recommend that I take my homesick Yucateco husband to for a surprise? Or do you have any other ideas? Nothing Yucatec "inspired," as that may only depress him, but rather the closest to the real thing that we can get.

Comment Added: I just checked out Yucatan Mexican grill's online menu, and wasn't terribly impressed. Looked like only pollo en escabeche, poc chuc, and cochinita is served as far as regional food. But I thought I saw mention of panuchos and salbutes? Or do they serve some food that's not on the menu?

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  1. i tried Yucatan grill last week and had a conchita taco. Not bad but won;t remind anyone of home.

    1. Both places are owned by the same person. Yucatan tacos is a small place in arborateum village while the other is a full service sit down place on washington street in rozzie. Try the taco place first, you will get a feel for the food.
      I prefer romano's pizza in rozzy square for tacos. Much more flavorfull than yucatan. But I can't speak for the rest of the mexican offerings.