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Oct 29, 2007 11:59 AM

Favorite Pizza

Ok, I like Bob & Timmy's, Neo's and Fellini's.

I'm looking for more....I'm open to anything

Any suggestions?

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  1. Neo Pizza on Plainfield Pike in western Cranston; Vivaldi's on Broad Street in Cranston (Edgewood Neighborhood), and Feast or Famine, which has a few locations but I do the one on Park Ave in Cranston. All very very very very good pizza.

    1. I'm going to feast or famine tonight on your suggestion. i checked the menu out and its exactly what i'm looking for. since i didn't grow up here, i find it hard to get out of providence sometimes...but, i've recently come across great places in warren and pawtucket village. anyways, thanks for leading me to north providence..

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        I hope you like it! The last time I was there my kids had the pizza (ok, I may have snuck a slice or two) but I had a salad w/ walnuts & goat cheese...yum!

      2. ok i went tonight. unfortunately the stove was we couldn't get the pizza with alfredo sauce - "the feast" as it is called, or any of the pastas. they also didn't offer any soup since the guy behind the counter told us it was "too slow" for soup - (the place was cold enough for it though...) SO,
        we ended up getting the chicken ceasar wrap and the caprese pizza. the wrap wasn't what i was expecting. the chicken had the consistency of canned tuna, the dressing was salty and tastes like it came straight from a huge cheap industrial tub. The wrap also had an overwhelming amount of croutons. Not for nothing Gail Champa - but, sometimes I don't think you know what your talking about. The pizza was also really salty and greasy. I think the asiago and parmesan cheese is what made it too salty while the balsamic vinaigrette and pesto combo too greasy. I'm not giving up on this place though. Next time, I'm gona give one of the pastas a try - probably the rolled eggplant. They also have a variety of other pizza's that sound good, although many of them have that asiago/parmesan mixture I mentioned before....

        Well see what happens come round 2...

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        1. re: HungryHipster

          How dissapointing! If you're going to try it again, though, I'd take the drive to Cranston. That's the location I can vouch for.

        2. There is a Cranston location? Where?

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            on Park Ave, not far from the intersection of Park & Reservoir. (It is West of Reservoir)