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Oct 29, 2007 11:51 AM

Nice place in Atlantic City for one year anniversary

Hi there,

Heading to AC the second weekend in November and looking for a nice $50 per person type of restaurant in AC. Somewhere with ambiance, and that is not to clichey for AC.

There are no other requirements as both are omnivores

Also would love some suggestions on bars!

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  1. I took some friends that were celebrating their 25th to the Old Waterway Inn. If the weather is nice you can sit outside by the water with a view of the casinos or inside - nice ambiance - definetly not clichey but this is the type of place that's off the beaten path that the locals go to for a nice meal. Google them for reviews and menus. I couldn't find any negitive reviews, just praise for what they do which is why I took them there - wanted to be away from the casinos. They have been ther for 25+ years so they have something good going. Menu is from seafood to steaks, nice wine list too.

    When I was looking for a place lots recommended The Dock and Knife and Fork Inn and several restaurants in the Borgota. Don't know what made me choose Old Waterway - but we were not disappointed. Would go back again.

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      I too am looking for the best in AC for Nov 14th. I don't really care about the price as long as the food and service are EXCELLANT. Where is this Old Waterway Inn, was considering some place in the Borgata but open to suggestions!

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        It's off Absecon Blvd (30) in an older neighborhood by the bay. Best to google them for general idea of area then call for directions and reservation.

    2. I've been to both The Palm and Red Square, both in The Quarter at the Tropicana. They were both excellent. Red Square probably more romantic, The Palm had better service.