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West Chester Cheese Steak?

i graduated from WCU in 93 and haven't been back in a while. i'm going soon and wondered what is now considered to be the best place to get a cheese steak while there. nield street deli used to be my favorite wc place but i've heard that it's gone. any help?

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  1. no help, but hamhands = funny

    1. My favorite is New Haven Pizza, on South Church Street--the best for over 30 years. Great ingredients, but I think the oregano is the kicker...

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        I have to second New Haven! Also - I know it's not in WC, but I moved to Downingtown, and have always been impressed by Sam's Pizza on Washington Ave. right off of 322!

      2. I think The Bistro and Benny's are the best by far. My fiance always gets extra cheese too.

          1. It's been years, but we always went to Don's (on High St) for cheesesteaks and hoagies (they pile on the meat!) but I think it's moved locations and names... I believe it's now Lorenzo's on Market, near the train tracks. I'm not sure if anyone has thoughts on this place, but if I were back in the area, I would definitely get sandwiches from here (I guess it's a nostalgia thing?)

            1. Pepper Mill in East Goshen (not far from the borough) is known for their cheesesteaks, they do one using only prime and tri-tip (I think that's what it is, either way it is excellent). The Fresh Works opened up on Market Street and bakes their rolls daily on premesis, I haven't had one but I have heard good things. There is also Lorenzo's and Coco's in the borough who do good steaks. Good luck!

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                Lorenzo's is good...they make the HUGE steaks.....but New Haven's takes the prize.

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                  I've been lurking on this board, and thought I would try New Haven. I'm impressed! Best veal parm sandwiches in the area (it's amazing how hard those are to find in Chester Co). The pizza was superior too. A little far for me to go for pizza (I'm up in Chester Springs) but the veal parm is worth the drive. The cheesesteak was very good, but there are others closer to me that are just as good (Rocco's at 100 and Ship Rd.).

                  Thanks to all those who suggested it. Now I have to check out the other places you guys named.


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                    A favorite subject of mine. I have never tried New Haven - I will have to now based on these recommendations. Lorenzo's was by far the KING but something happended in the last few mos. The size and quality have diminished greatly. You can throw a blanket over The Works, Benny's, the Bistro - all basic cheesesteaks. Current title holder in my opinion is Capriotti's but I hope New Haven can take the trophy.

              2. I used to think John's Pizza was best in Frazer. New Haven is up there as well as Pepper Mill. But the real winner in Westtown Meat and Deli. It's right next to Stetson Middle School. They make it out of fresh rib-eye (as they're really a butcher shop). It may be the best cheesesteak anywhere. And they are HUGE. Note that it's take-out only