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Oct 29, 2007 11:44 AM

Greenpoint. Please.

So I've lived here for over a month and my boyfriend lived in the area before that, so I have an idea of where to go for what but I want your take on whats good, when to go and what to try.

Here's what I'm looking for:

Baked goods- like cupcakes and scones and cookies. I don't want to have to haul all the way over to cheeks and then get attitude. And i have a mean sweet tooth.
Bread- Do any of the local spots make something like Brioche? My french toast isn't the same with polish rye.
Burger- Dumont' Burger's amazing but too far and too fancy sometimes. Have heard that Triple Decker is Decent and greasy.
Amazing French Fries- I think the one's at Gpt Coffee are quite tasty, others?
Salad- I'm into the type they make at Westville. Mesculin Greens, grilled salmon, dressing. Simple, flavorful, filling. Is this asking too much?
Meat Markets- what to order?
Sandwiches- decent deli?

Here's what I've got so far.

Champion Coffee- is v. good if a bit far. Love the people who work there, and like the atmosphere.
Uro Cafe- Makes the best Latte around, better than gimme. And its consistent. And oh so strong.

Ashbox- makes some fine soups, haven't tried their baked goods but hope they're good.

Greenpoint Coffee House- Love their eggs haven't had much else.

Amarin- Its Easy.

Lamb and Jaffy- Have only been for breakfast, which was decent but didn't knock any socks off, and have been meaning to try for byob dinner.

Brooklyn Label- Every time I go I am less impressed than before but I loved them at first...

Queen's Hide Away- Delicious.

Peter Pan- I've enjoyed their doughnuts (the cinnamon cruller is a fave) and see people
eating egg sandwiches all the time. Are they yummy?

Can't wait for the feedback!

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  1. i heard good things about paloma's burger... though have yet to try. $10ish so not sure where that puts it on the fanciness scale.

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    1. re: thievery

      If you are talking about the Paloma that is on Manhattan Ave (or whatever, kind of around the corner from that Warsaw Club on Driggs) then it was absolutely awesome!

      I didn't have a burger there though. We had Potato Pancakes and Perogies (both with this mushroom gravy, Perogies were fried not boiled). Both orders were large enough for dinner and about $6.50 each. I do not live in the area, but if I go back to the Warsaw, I am going back there. All the entrees I saw other people getting looked really good. Best potato pancakes ever in my whole life....super crunchy on the outside, creamy on the inside. In the 80's and early 90's I used to think that Polish place on 2nd Avenue around 8th Street in Manhattan was good (the one where you had to walk down a ramp...can't remember the name).

      Anyway, Paloma blew it away by miles.

    2. The Polish meat markets and delis on Metropolitan are excellent; some of the best in Brooklyn. Check them out and mix and match what you get from each. I used to go to one near Greenpoint Avenue for Polish goods from time to time. There's also a Polish corner bakery with excellent baked cooks, apple cakes, brown breads, etc that is past Greenpoint Ave. It has a big silly landscape picture in it and usually has younger girls working the counter. 6 dollars will get you enough apple cake (very strudle-ish or crumble-ish) for a party of 4.

      1. Probably further than you want to travel, but I've recently been trying a few of the Italian bakeries over the BQE in East Williamsburg - the lard bread and meat bread from Napoli are great - and all their bread seems like good quality although I didn't see anything resembling brioche. I'm not that crazy about Italian sweets, but some swear by Fortunato Brothers. I really liked a lemon pound cake I got from Settepani. The marble pound cake isn't bad either.

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        1. re: dark knight

          Settepani is regarded as being in East Williamsburg now? Jeez, these real estate definitions get stranger every day.

          Settepani has decently good Italian bakery items. I've never liked it as a coffee stop though. Maybe it's because a friend of mine was the primary coffee maker and I teased the hell out of her as she made my drinks... Hm...

          1. re: JFores

            Sorry - that's just my ignorance as a newbie to the area. What neighborhood is it?

            1. re: dark knight

              Williamsburg to me, but maybe the real estate agents are calling it east burg now. I dunno. It's always been Williamsburg or "Italian Williamsburg" in my book.

              1. re: JFores

                I think Real Estate agents are indeed calling it East Williamsburg - which is where I got the term! :)

                1. re: dark knight

                  I have heard real estate agents call a lot of places East Williamsburg, but not that area. That is straight up Williamsburg, and one of the nicer parts of it as well.
                  As far as responding to the original reply.
                  Paloma for sure, every time I go there I am more than satisfied, although don't sit in the front area on a weekend night, those tables are waited on by the bartender who also has to worry about drinks for the rest of the place, service was slow, but management should have know better, a bartender should be behind the bar at all times on a busy Friday night.
                  And my second recommendation is Steve's Meat market on Nassau Ave, although they have a large selection of other pork products, the only thing I ever get there is the Kielbasa, he has like 6 different kinds and they are all amazing. I will NEVER buy hillshire farms again!!

        2. burgers: triple decker makes a solid diner burger.
          sandwiches: franklin corner store
          salad: the kind of upscale salad that you want isn't readily available in the immediate area, as far as i know. lokal, which just opened across the street from mccarren park, might have an entree salad on the menu.
          baked goods: the counter at the garden has cookies and cupcakes, but they're kind of token. they're the only place i can think of that might carry brioche bread, though. jubilatka has wonderful polish babkas, strudels, torty, etc, and there are a few other places along manhattan avenue above and below gpt avenue, but they're all pretty much exclusively polish.
          french fries: i love the steak fries at socrates and triple decker.
          meat: do a search on here for polish butchers. you'll find lots of helpful info.

          basically, there's a lot of great stuff in the neighborhood but it's not always going to be exactly what you want. there are things that you're going to have go out of the immediate area to get, although all in all i think that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

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          1. re: wleatherette

            We've been to Franklin Corner Store twice now in search of good sandwiches, and have been pretty dissatisfied both times. We got Cubans and eggplant parms -- both of which were tasteless and took agggggggges to make (though the second time we went we were the only ones there.) It's such a bummer! Every Saturday I lament the fact that W'burg/Greenpoint lacks a good place for sandwiches.

            1. re: chompchomp

              that's too bad. have you tried joe's busy corner on driggs and n.7th?

              1. re: wleatherette

                yes -- and haven't found super stuff there either. have you found any good "sarnies" there?

                1. re: chompchomp

                  i've had a couple of generic italian heroes from there that have been good, although i wouldn't call them super. i'd say they're one of the better options, though.

                  just thinking about it... you're right about the wait time at franklin corner store. last time i was there, i waited almost 10 minutes for an egg sandwich even though i was the only one ordering. oh well. i do think that their egg, cheese, and avocado sandwich is worth it.

          2. Hey plumtart, some things you might have to jaunt into the 'burg for. Greenpoint is great, but does not have a tremendous wealth of options. One place we adore is Pio Pio Riko, the Peruvian spot on the corner of Greenpoint and Huron which has sensational rotisserie chicken and seafood specialties. We also like El Encanto Mexicano, across the street for tacos and guaraches. It's a tiny Mexican bodega with those things in the back. Also, Paloma on Greenpoint Avenue has some nice new American items.