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Oct 29, 2007 11:44 AM

Wagyu beef from Japan

I had the above about 2 weeks ago at Thuet. It was 5 oz for $95. It's striploin that came with frites & grilled vegetable. My waiter even showed me the wrapping with Japanese written on it.
It's also available at Atelier Thuet at $180/lb.
They said it was the first time offered in Toronto.

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    1. Nice he's so kind about the mark-up. So seeing a wrapper(coulda been from a miso package) is akin to inspecting a cork? P.T. Barnum was right--again.

      1. highly highly doubt it was actually from japan. a lot of canadian wagyu is exported to japan. it may have been that you were shown the label designed for the japanese market.

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        1. re: tuqueboy

          Ok don't take my word for it how about Chef David Lee and the Globe & Mail:

          "On my way to Cumbrae's, I received a call from Joe Figliomeni, head butcher at Pusateri's, who informed me he had just received his first shipment of Kobe beef from Japan."

          You just have to see it to tell the difference... look at the picture from my previous post and tell me you have seen that kind of meat anywhere in North America..

          1. re: OnDaGo

            I saw it at Pusateri's - it's unlike anything I'd previously seen (including the 'Wagyu' I've been served twice).
            Seeing is believing.

        2. I was answering an old thread "Kobe beef found!!! ".
          As for authenticity, besides judging from the look & the taste of the beef, one can only trust the restaurant.
          The wrapping I was shown show the village the beef was from, date of packing, good until date, grade & weight etc.
          More info can be found:

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          1. re: ace123

            Hi, what grade is it for the $180/lb ? Thanks.

            1. re: skylineR33

              I don't remember.
              I didn't expect the waiter to show me the wrapper. I only looked at it briefly.
              May be you can give Thuet a call.
              Judging from the taste, I guess it's not the very top grade as I had tastier kobe beef (M10) in H.K.

              1. re: ace123

                Frankly, apart from the ridiculous price, I don't understand what the fuss is all about?!! I had some grade 6 beef, sashimi style, in Hong Kong and an even higher grade, yakiniku style, in Tokyo earlier this year. Both times, after a couple of pieces, I was overwhelmed by the 'oily/mushy' texture of the fat dominant meat and call it quits. The initial taste might be good but the subsequent growing greasy sensation definitely wasn't enjoyable.
                BTW, the second floor of Paris' Gallerie Lafayette department store has a steak/wine bar where one can pick different cuts of steak from a selection of beef from Argentina, Scottish Black Angus, Kansas US prime, Australian Wagyu, French Charolais AND Japanese Kobe...etc and have it charbroiled to one's liking. Of all of the aforementioned selection, the tastiest ( based on my personal taste buds ) was the 48+ days dry aged US prime. It has also the best taste/cost value. One thing I did find eating these extremely marbled beef was that, a nice glass of full bodied red wine to help wash it down and cleanse one's palete really enhances the enjoyment factor.

          2. oh man, I wish I wasn't broke right now...had some kobe beef at Michael Mina in San Francisco last week. Amazing.