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Oct 29, 2007 11:38 AM

Thanksgiving in Russian River Valley

I am unexpectedly going to be spending Thanksgiving week in the Bay Area and am hoping to be able to spend part of that time in the Russian River Valley. Specifically, I am thinking to rent a cabin in/near Guerneville and stay there over the actual Thanksgiving holiday. I'm wondering if there are any restaurants serving special meals during that time. Being away from home for the feaster's holiday, I'd like to indulge in something special if it is there for the taking. Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. I think the Village Inn in Monte Rio is doing something for Thanksgiving Day; There are definitely a few great restaurants in the area worth checking out. A few of my favorites include Bistro de Copain in Occidental, Underwood Bar and Bistro in Graton, Zazu in Santa Rosa and a new steakhouse in Forestville called Elmo's.

    1. You're right, the Village Inn is doing Thanksgiving. We had our Thanksgiving there last year. It's a beautiful place and the people are really friendly. I live within walking distance, so I go there often. For the most part, the food is consistently good and once in a while great. In my experience, the salads and soups are always wonderful. For Thanksgiving they had a more limited menu and no one was wowed by their entree, but everyone was satisfied. I also second cpdtops' Bistro des Copains recommendation. It's a little more casual but still very nice. I especially like the oysters there. Also close by is Cafe des Jumelles in Monte Rio. I probably wouldn't choose it for the holiday (and I don't know whether they will be doing Thanksgiving) just because it's much more casual. It's gotten a bit of attention lately on this board. While the food and service still need a little tweaking (IMHO) they are still well worth it. The chef has worked at some of the high end places in Sonoma County and SF, and has opened the little cafe to be independent and simplify. They are really nice people who do really care about the food. If Applewood Inn, in Guerneville, is doing Thanksgiving, I would definitely recommend you try them. It's a lovely place and the food is really top notch. I had the best duck breast of my life there, and a blood orange creme brulee that was absolutely heavenly. (The menu changes seasonally, so you may not find the same selections.)

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        quick update: I had brunch at Cafe des Jumelles yesterday, and they are doing Thanksgiving dinners that you can pre-order and pick up to heat at home. They will have whole turkeys, half turkeys and turkey breasts; lots of different sides; and three desserts. They didn't have the menu and prices printed up yet, but said they'd be ready today.

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          Thank y'all so much. I really appreciate the suggestions! It's definitely gotten me excited about the trip.

      2. Got the emailed newsletter this morning for the Thanksgiving to-go from Cafe St. Rose in Santa Rosa. No turkey, but everything else sounds fantastic.

        café saint rose
        Thanksgiving To Go!
        Butternut Squash Soup with Roasted Apples 12.00/quart
        Farro with Cranberries, Walnuts and Herbs 10.00/quart
        Creamy Celery Root Puree 9.00/pint
        Yukon Gold Potatoes Fried in Duck Fat 10.00/quart
        Broccoli di Cicco with Hot Pepper and Garlic 12.00/pint
        Sauteed Brussels Sprouts 14.00/pint
        Quail stuffed with Swiss Chard and Golden Raisins 10.00/each
        Beef Shortribs Braised in Red Wine and Tomato 32.00/quart
        Cassoulet 72.00
        Includes the following in a White Bean Ragout
        4 pcs. Duck Leg Confit
        4 pcs. Garlic Sausage
        4 pcs. Pork Belly
        Cioppino with Crab, Clams, Mussels, Shrimp and Fish 42.00/quart
        Place orders by phone at 707-546-2459.
        All Orders must be placed by
        Tuesday, November 20th.
        Pick-up no later than 4:00p.m. on
        Wednesday, November 21

        Also, since you'll be in the area, the Friday after T-day is one of the best times to go wine-tasting. It's a popular outing for out-of-town family and visitors and a big sale day, so wineries will have many wines open to try and often some special deals to kick off the Christmas shopping spree.

        Cafe Saint Rose
        9890 Bodega Hwy, Sebastopol, CA 95472