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Oct 29, 2007 11:34 AM

Mail Order Dried Fruit & Nuts? [Moved from Home Cooking board]

Can you suggest a company that does great dried fruit and nuts? I want to send some to a relative who can't be with us for Thanksgiving. Thank you!

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  1. Try C.J. Olsen's in Sunnyvale, California (I think.


    Great dried cherries and apricots, grown on their own farm.

    1. I've liked what I've bought from Hadley Orchards' store, and I've heard very good things about their mailorder.

      1. Fredlyn Nut Company in Houston does a lovely job with nuts, and the people to whom I've sent their gift packs have always been appreciative.

        1. I just got this catalog in the mail and some of the stuff looks amazing.

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            Dukegirl- I don't know if you're still around these boards, but thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been on the hunt for a very particular dried cherry that I used to buy from a specialty food shop in San Francisco. They've since closed so I can't ask them for their source. The memory of those little cherries haunts me to this day.

            The Meduri World folks call it a "raz cherry" and describe it as a bing cherry soaked in rasberry juice. From experience, I would describe it as a non-artificial marischino semi-dried cherry, or like a natural glace cherry. But they are awesome! I have an incredible sweet tooth and gravitate to very sugary candy (like red licorice, Dots, or jelly beans), these little guys are a perfect substitute. Love them. I'm placing a double order immediately.

            This is why I love chowhound! (Discussions of climate change and the amount of carbs in veggies, not so much.) So thanks again Dukegirl!