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Oct 29, 2007 11:22 AM

romantic first date spots in pasadena?

Hi, thanks for reading and offering suggestions. I just moved to LA and am looking for a nice, quiet, romantic spot in pasadena to take a first date. Not looking to WOW her with a classy, expensive place, rather somewhere quaint, simple with a nice atmosphere. I'm open to all kinds of food and looking to spend near 25-30PP. Also looking for some ideas for an after dinner spot like a coffee shop, dessert place, lounge, again, somewhere with a nice/romantic atmosphere. I appreciate all your suggestions and know chowhounders know what they're talking about!

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  1. Just a couple of places that come to mind.
    La Luna Negra - Tapas. It does have live music at times (weekends?) which may make conversations difficult. Probably better on a week night.

    Vertical - Wine Bar. The food was okay. I don't know enough to comment on the wine aspect of it, but the ambiance is good for a first date.

    1. I think Cafe Bizou is a nice choice, and this time of year, the patio of Cafe Santorini is very comfortable as well. Both have great food, and a bonus of Cafe Santorini is that if the date goes well, grab some gelato from downstairs and eat it in the courtyard.

      1. many good places to go in pasadena but not sure i would consider any of them romantic...its too crowed and more of happening places....few in south pas:

        mike & ann's

        1. If it's lunchtime, then you could go to Julienne's in San Marino. Combine that with a walk through the Huntington and you'll look like a regular old casanova...

          1. Briganti in South Pasadena. Great Italian food, cozy yet spacious so that you're not having dinner with people at the next table; they also have a lovely heated patio area; medium-dimly lit; can fit in your price range.

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              Ditto what slacker said, esp. the atrium part.