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Oct 29, 2007 11:09 AM

Office Holiday Party

We have been asked to suggest a few places for our office holiday party in December and I was looking for some input from you all since you've never let me down before. The suggestions put forth by the administrator are less than stellar, in my opinion (El Cholo, El Compadre). I guess that's a guide for cost and tone but I'd like to offer a few more interesting options. We’re an office of about 20 (plus partners) and we are based in Santa Monica but I think we could go just about anywhere in the city. Any ideas?

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  1. I am going through this right now, and did it last year as well. If you want a private room/space (which, imo, is key for something like this), the size of your group is critical. 20 people is relatively easy; 40 people is much more difficult. The other key variable is your budget. Do you have a per person or total cost target? If you can give me a better sense of the size of your group and how much you have to spend, I might be able to save you a bunch of leg work.

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      We have a small group of 10-12 and have a budget of approximately $100 per person. We would really like to impress our new CEO and a private room would be great, of course. Interesting food is important to me, as is an elegant, but not too stuffy atmosphere. I thought of Jar (though no private room) or even Moun of Tunis (but that might not be high-end enough for the boss.... though it is different, and they have private rooms and belly dancers). Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

    2. I am going through the same thing! Cost is not that much of an issue as much as atmosphere. We considered Ortolan, Bastide but we don't want to do something that stuffy. We still want it to be high end though. Does anyone have any suggestions? We are a group of max 40.

      1. Chez Mimi does really nice parties. It's a great setting with good food.

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