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Oct 29, 2007 10:46 AM

Steak in Tallahassee

My son is turing twenty-one and loves a good steak. I am not up on the steak scene in the area. Suggestions Tallahassee Hounds?

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  1. I personally don't think there is a great steakhouse in Tallahassee. Lots of folks like Marie Livingston's but it serves Choice beef at best and is marinated (read drowned) in an overly salty Worcestershire type sauce. That said,their french fries are among the best in town, as are the home made rolls and blue cheese dressing.
    The Silver Slipper serves the highest quality meat in town, but I am not sure if it us USDA Prime -- Occasionally they have Allen Brothers meat on the menu. Sides are lacking. Prices are like New York City.
    Georgio's serves some Harris Ranch steaks but they come out mediocre to me.
    Longhorn and Outback serve okay mass-chain stuff; nothing special.
    We desperately need a Ruth's Chris that I keep hearing is coming to town but never seems to pan out.
    Best steaks in town are usually the prime dry aged ones cooke in my backyard!!

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      I agree with steakman55 about the lack of steak restaurants. I personally like Gill's tavern out of the chain like restaurants. They have great drunken sweet potato and their prime rib is nice.