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Oct 29, 2007 10:38 AM


Just visited San Francisco and environs, and found no veal. None in the supermarkets, none in restaurants. Is it unpopular, not politically correct, illegal?? Inquiring minds from NY want to know. Thanks!

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  1. Veal is definitely in restaurants and supermarkets. We buy it at our local supermarket/butcher in San Francisco and I have had it in several Italian restaurants. I would probably think the same thing if I didn't see it anywhere in SF!

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    1. re: meggie t

      Please share where you buy it. I rarely see it. I did buy a little ground veal today at Drewes Bros. (Noe Valley), but they don't carry veal cuts or veal bones at all. (ETA: This is not to say that I consider Drewes a comprehensive butcher stop--it's nowhere close.)

      The OP is correct--it is not consumed much on the West Coast.

      1. re: Atomica

        Berkeley Bowl usually has some veal.

        1. re: Atomica

          We shop at Cal-Mart in Laurel Village. Antonelli's is the butcher in there and they have it every day. We usually buy the veal cutlets for Milanese, but they do carry bone-in as well. I would think Bryan's has it too, but I don't go there much so I can't say.

          1. re: meggie t

            Bryan's definitely carries several cuts of veal on a regular basis.

          2. re: Atomica

            Tower Market (aka Mollie Stone) routinely carries veal.

        2. Check out the menu of the Gold Mirror, an "old-school" Italian restaurant in SF. There are 6 different veal dishes on the menu:

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            The North Beach Restaurant in SF list 9 veal dishes on the menu.


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              Trattoria Contadina lists 5 veal dishes on their menu. Somehow, I don't think Miss Brooklyn looked all that hard for veal while she was here!


              1. re: DavidT

                Guilty as charged! We were not on an exhaustive search for veal -- just happened to notice that it was scarce, particularly after a search of several Sonoma county supermarkets, where we found numerous cuts of beef and no veal whatsoever. And although we obviously did not eat at any of the Italian restaurants mentioned, we looked at many, many menus and saw very few veal dishes. Makes you kind of curious. Just wanted to know what the deal is there with veal, that's all.

                1. re: Miss Brooklyn

                  And as a general rule, you are correct. Veal is less common here than on the East Coast. But it's not unobtainable or obscure.

                  1. re: Calvinist

                    Thanks, Calvinist, for getting to the heart of my question.

          2. Its always well-stocked at my local Andronico's (Berkeley, on Telegraph).

            1. Lunardi's (a family chain in the Bay Area with locations in Belmont, Pleasant Hill, and elsewhere) carries veal and even has rib chops with a bit of kidney attached -- wonderful grilled.

              Also try VerBrugge in Berkeley.

              1. In terms of butchers, Little City in North Beach always has veal. The butcher, Ron, will also go in the back to make sure you get the exact cut you want....he's absolutely awesome about that. I am now the third generation in my family that uses him for veal, and I can't give anyone a higher recommendation.