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Oct 29, 2007 10:32 AM

Great resto in Old Montreal with a 2-year-old?

I know this topic has been addressed somewhat in the past - and it seems that Holder has been the top suggestion for fine dining in Old Montreal with a child in tow - but I have a few other questions/parameters to address.

Some goat-farming, cheese-making friends from Vermont will be visiting this weekend and staying at Hotel Gault. We had a reservation at APDC for Saturday night. Originally, dinner was to be four adults, but we are now going to bring their 2-year-old son along. APDC would still be the ideal spot, as it seems pretty kid-friendly, the pals love a relaxed atmos with exquisitely good food, and I was longing to take them there. They are great, adventurous cooks (and they do love pig), have exceptional wine knowledge, looking for top-notch experience, yada, yada, yada.

They would now like to dine closer to their hotel, so as not to have to worry about taxis and car seats, etc. We had already considered Club Chasse et Peche (and I am longing to go there at some point) but with no first-hand experience of the atmos, I'd be hard pressed to say if bringing a toddler - even a quite well-behaved one - was suitable.

Please advise on compatibilty of CCP and young ones!
Or please recommend other great, high-ish end, stellar (or as close to stellar as possible) restos near Hotel Gault that are child-friendly.

Your help is always appreciated!

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  1. I would not recommend bringing a two-year-old to CCP. It's just not the right atmosphere for young kids, behaved or not, IMHO.

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      Thanks, that's what I figured. As it turns out, the friends have been convinced that APDC is the way to go, child-schlepping aside. I will save CCP for a sumptuous dinner à deux! Merci!

      1. re: lait cru

        Taxis aren't required to have car seats so it is a common practice here to travel with children in taxis without one. Easy lap-schlepping, great fun for little ones and APDC will keep the grown ups happy.

        We've brought young children to Le Petit Moulinsart in Old Montreal where they are treated very well. Also close by are all the dimsum places in Chinatown which are very child-friendy.

        1. re: Plateaumaman

          We bring our daughter to Holder in Montreal frequently.