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Great Soup in the DC area

Last night, my husband and I ate a delicious dinner at Dino's. We are still swooning over the daily soup offering, a Tuscan soup that was both familiar and innovative. The ingredients were familiar -- chick peas, vegetables, pasta, and chunks of sausage -- and texture was familiar -- slightly thickened broth as the result of some pureed chick peas. What was innovative and what left us swooning was the seasoning. I don't know what herbs and spices were used, but the soup had an oomph to it that was great. (What's an oomph? Less than a kick. A clearly discernable glow.)

I don't know whether or not this will become the standard cool-weather soup offering. It deserves to be. When soup can trump Dino's excellent pastas and decadent Tiramisu, that's saying something!

This soup is so spectacular that its existence deserves to be shared. I hope others will return the favor and post about an amazing soup in the DC area.

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  1. Weird coincidence - my wife and I also ate at Dino for dinner last night, and I also had that soup and loved it!

    We were sitting in the middle of the three high tables near the bar, at 7:15.

    1. SBC Cafe out in Herndon serves an amazing 2 pepper soup. It's 2 soups in one bowl, both roasted peppers, but with different colored peppers and seasonings.

      1. The "OOO" Soup at Restaurant Eve is one of my favorites: oyster, onion, and osestra caviar in a creme-based soup.

        On the low end, if you can find a Chinese carryout that still sells the stuff, "House Special Soup" is another favorite. Basically, it's a soup version of chop suey: chicken, beef, pork, sometimes shrimp, with mixed vegetables in a rich stock. A good chilly weather soup.

        1. Spicy beef noodle soup at Bob's in Rockville. Hearty, big portion, cheap, and outrageously delicious. If you don't like spicy, trust me, this is NOT the soup for you!

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            Sorry, here's the place link.

            Bob's Noodle Bistro
            305 N Washington St, Rockville, MD 20850

          2. Today's lunch at Black Salt produced another soup winner. Today's special was a cream of pumpkin soup. The soup itself was lovely -- very full flavored -- but what moved this soup into the pantheon of soups were the garnishes. Medium-sized dice of apples had been sauteed and, then, finished in a coating of mixed spices. The sweet tang of the apples contrasted nicely with the heat of some cayenne and the sweet spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon. A small garnish of micro greens finished off the dish.

            I was with a group of five friends and we all ordered the soup. Unanimous swooning.

            1. Pho. In general. Particularly at Pho 75 in Courthouse and Saigon Garden in Springfield.

              1. Galician soup at El Rincon Espanol in Adams Morgan. Very hearty, sausage, potatoes, etc.

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                  right next store to Dino is Nam Viet, great Pho!

                2. I had a top-notch delicious pumpkin soup at Butterfield 9 last Saturday. It comes with sauteed apples and pancetta and is simply delicious. This with their 1/2 order of risotto with squash and fried okra should make the perfect fall lunch/dinner.

                  1. Pho VN One - much better Pho for me after multiple visits than 75 (salty), 88 (good but inconsiostent), Nam Viet (not as roubust as I like), etc.

                    Corduroy's chilled tomato soup (ok--maybe not for cold weather)

                    Montmartre's Cream of Chestnut

                    More here: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/321904

                    1. I have to, once again, mention the sweet and spicy salmon soup at Nam Viet. Incredible. I hate mixing savories and sweets, yet this pulls it off with grandeur.

                      Get the cup size as an app since the rest of the menu is so good also (my rut dish there: curried squid - they use squash or pumpkin or something, I think, to give it a nice layer of additional taste not found elsewhere).

                      1. I love this thread. I am an absolute fanatic about soup. For me soup is just as much about temperature as it is about taste. Thankfully, restaurants are getting better about that. I love the hot n sour soup at Meiwah, it never disappoints. I also had an outstanding Cauliflower soup at PS7 recently.

                        1. Pho - the one next to Ray's the Steaks's is pretty good, as are the Pho places in Eden Center. You can also get a chicken version, which at the really good places is better than chicken noodle soup.

                          Courduroy - any of thier soups!

                          Bistro du Coin or Les Halles - French onion soup

                          A&J - pork and mustard greens noodle soup.

                          While not exaclty soup, I am planning on going to Bob's Shabu-Shabu in Rockville, near the original Bob's Noodle. Wanted to wait for the proper weather!

                          And, I think they put some crack in it because I get addicted to the tomato soup at Le Madeline during the winter.

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                            For what it's worth there is an "Original Soup Man" (Seinfield's infamous "Soup Nazi") at Tyson's Corner. What is really needed, however, is a Hale and Hearty.

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                              Where in Tyson's? In either of the malls? In the neighborhood around the mall?

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                                The Original Soup Man is in the Tysons Corner Mall on the lower level, just down the hall from the entrance to Lord and Taylor. It's really just a concession where they serve five or six of his soups every day. Totally different experience from what you have in Manhattan. Same soup, although it's probably from a commissary since they are franchising around the U. S. Still, it's his soup. Costco also sells his soup occasionally. Right now the Chantilly Costco has his five bean soup.

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                              The reason you're addicted to the tomato soup at Le Madeline is because there's almost 500 calories in a little cup (8 ounces). I can't believe they can squeeze that much in such a small serving.

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                                I'll share a French onion soup recommendation from Virginia: The French onion soup at Le Mistral in McLean is phenomenal. The stock is amazingly rich and flavorful with a good quantity of onions. Gratineed cheese is wasted unless the underlying soup is great, and Le Mistral's makes the cut.

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                                  I've not had Le Mistral but my wife loves French Onion and we'll try it. Bistro Bis and L'auberge Chez Francois both have good French Onion.

                              2. I'll put in a vote for the seol leong tang (hope I got that right) at Gamasot in Springfield. Very subtle, but very good.