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Oct 29, 2007 10:18 AM

Brunch for marathon spectators-Williamsburg

My friends and I plan to cheer on the NYC marathoners this Sunday somewhere on Bedford and would like to have brunch afterwards somewhere nearby. I live in Manhattan, so I don't know the neighborhood that well.
There are four of us, looking for good coffee, eggs/french toast/pancakes--more the breakfast side of brunch than the lunch side. Good service a must; pleasant atmosphere a plus. Was thinking about Egg, but thought it might be too crowded.

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  1. maybe simple cafe?
    I haven't eaten there yet but they seem to have space and I believe that they do all the breakfast basics and more.

    Also Paper Moon Cafe is on Havemeyer and N. 6th. does anyone know if they do brunch?

    Robeling Tea Room isn't often that crowded either and they serve all of that Jazz.

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      Service at Roebling Tea Room is often atrocious, and Simple Cafe has been pretty underwhelming in every way each time I've tried it out, as hopeful as I've been that it might prove otherwise.

      Egg can also tend towards the offensive when it comes to service, and although the food makes up for this, you're right to worry that the crowds will be pretty thick on Sunday.

      I love the atmosphere and the leisurely-but-pleasant service at Baci & Abbracci on Grand, but I've only ever sampled the savory side of their brunch menu [


      Others have had less-than-favorable service experiences at Aurora, but I've always enjoyed my meals there. The food tends to make up for much of the other inconsistencies, but brunch is brunch.

      If you're really putting a premium on service then Dressler may be your best bet in the Burg, but their brunch menu is a little limited (though the standards tend to be just about the best in the neighborhood). They may also be accepting reservations, as might Aurora.

      Baci & Abbracci
      204 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

      70 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

      149 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211

      1. re: CalJack

        Thanks, those are great suggestions! I think Dressler is where we went last year; none of us could remember the name or exact location, but the photos look right. It was pretty good. I think we'll go either there or Baci & Abbracci.

        1. re: CalJack

          been to simple cafe tons of times. The atmosphere's great and the food is always The food at Simple Cafe is yummy and homemade. They have an inexpensive brunch my friends and I indulge in every weekend, occasionally with a delicious mimosa. Their dinner menu is very different from brunch and its excellent. The couscous is a must! The vibe there is great and you feel incredibley welcomed the moment you walk in the door. Give it a try.. You'll get hooked! FREE WIFI!

        2. re: plumtart

          Paper Moon Cafe does do brunch, and it's quite good. Pretty classic stuff: omelettes, french toast, a gruyere and ham sandwich... the coffee is strong and generously refilled. It baffles me that it's never crowded in there, but it makes the atmosphere all the more pleasant. The owners are super sweet midwestern types.

        3. Please say hello to me at mile 11 on South 3rd and Bedford. I will be helping out with my fellow ham radio operators. You won't miss out orange radio operator hats!
          There are also a couple of nice cafes on that block!

          1. Sorry for the late feedback, but I just wanted to thank everyone for the suggestions. We ended up at Paper Moon Cafe. We both had omelettes. The food was good, although they forgot to serve us our side of bacon. But he was nice about it and ended up comping us.