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Oct 29, 2007 10:12 AM

Thanksgiving in Manhattan

A few of my grad school buddies and I from Boston University will be visiting Manhatten for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Can anyone recommend a place for us to have a traditional Thansgiving dinner? Remember, we are engineering graduate school students, so disposable income is at a premium. Thanks for your input and happy hollidays.

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  1. Fellow BU Alum here (though I know how to spell Manhattan - maybe because I went to CAS not ENG?)...Try Savoy in Soho.

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      I got Manhattan correct the first time. Not bad for an engineer. Thanks for the tip on Savoy. :)

    2. Klee and Savoy are doing nice thanksgiving dinners that should be reasonably priced. Cornelia Street cafe also has a menu that I think is around 50pp. Places like Bouley and Aureole have special Thanksgiving menus as well, but they are charging a premium (even more than their regular menus) and actually giving you fewer choices.

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        Artisanal. Lively atmosphere, choice of entrees (trad thanksgiving meal or several other choices). Amazing cheese fondue! We went last year and are going back this year. $62 per person.

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          Second Cornelia Street. Back room has a fireplace. Been around 30 years, not a scene. You might also consider The Harrison (American cuisine, menu is on their website and looks delicious). has a Thanksgiving 2007 section. Not sure if Bridge Cafe (American) downtown or Duane Park Cafe (212-732-5555) in TriBeCa are doing Thanksgiving. Duane Park Cafe (American) is a lovely, small restaurant in TriBeCa that locals know (prix fixe lunch and dinner) and we recently discovered. TriBeCa has so many expensive restaurants affordable gems are rare. These places might work for a grad school student's budget. If you provide a budget/price range and neighborhood it's easier for us to make suggestions. I have never gone out on Thanksgiving but if I did these are some of the places I might go.

        2. when we go out for this we usually go to COWGIRL in the west village. not the greatest, but they have all the correct thanksgiving food and sides and its fine. its also a charming and fun place and less expensive than the other options suggested so far.

          i see its not advertised on the website yet, but you could call and ask:

          1. Look into Compass.
            You can google the menu online.

            1. No idea what your price point is but look into Telepan. They are doing the T Day menu and I would have every reason to believe the food will be as good as thier regular menu so it will be outstanding.