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Oct 29, 2007 09:11 AM

Gelato Tartufo in NoVA?

Does anyone know of good places to get gelato tartufo in the DC area? Looking for delis where you could get it to take out, but also for restaurants that serve really good unique ones.


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  1. Believe it or not, Whole Foods in Fairfax has a Gelato bar that is pretty darn good. Certainly you can order and take out or eat there. Not sure of any restaurants....

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    1. re: LoveFood2Much

      But do they have the tartufo? (Sorry, I should have specified better: tartufo is a stuffed gelato ... often it's a chocolate gelato stuffed with zabaglione flavored gelato, or a vanilla gelato stuffed with coffee flavored gelato ... the chocolate ones are sprinkled with sugared cocoa powder on top ... there are other flavors too, but those are the easiest to find usually).

      Thanks for letting me know about the gelato at whole foods, though ... I will check it out!

      1. re: Torina

        Torina I do not think so. Sorry.
        However they do mix the gelato on the cold marble and possibly you could make them put the coffee gelato inside the vanilla. Cheap subsitute

    2. Torina, the urge has probably passed you by now but I just read that Roba!Dolce gelato, which is available in DC supermarkets and is delicious, is coming out with a Blood Orange Chocolate Truffle flavor. Sounds heavenly...