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Oct 29, 2007 08:35 AM

Notes from NYC trip - DB, Lupa, etc...

Went to NYC this past weekend...a few notes.

Balthazar - Always fun and good. Service is surprisingly friendly (from management on down) and good. Solid Bistro Fare. Wish they had something like this in LA

Lupa- Had lunch here on a cold, rainy day. Nice vibe/atmosphere. Food was solid, but not inspiring. A good local place - if you didn't know Batali owned it, you would probably wonder what the fuss was all about.

DB Bistro Moderne - Had late dinner, after WS Wine Tasting...really friendly, effieient service. Had DB Burger - very tasty. Other dishes all good.

Moss Wine Bar - Don't know the exact name, but it's the wine bar next to Moss on Houston. Really liked the elegant, sophisticated design. Managed to be warm. Also, seemed like mostly locals. Wine and salumi were delicious, pastas very average. Would return for a glass of wine, but not dinner.

Otto - Went @ 4:00pm on Saturday. Restaurant 1/4 full, maybe. Didn't like our two-top, asked to be seated elsewhere (there were maybe 5 emty four tops)...cold hostess said they were reserved for three or more. Meanwhile, three (this in the front room) four tops occupied by couples! Could have asked to talk to manager, but just didn't care. It's weird - at Babbo/Lupa have had great service. Osteria Mozza/Pizzeria Mozza/Otto - they act like they are doing you a favor. Anyway, we walked out and I had a slice at Ben's on the way home.

Katz's Deli - Hadn't had one in ages, and wanted to compare to Langers in LA. It was terrific Pastrami, certainly among the best. Much more meat than Langer's as well (double, maybe?). However, it wasn't as flakey/tender and I missed the contrast of the crunchy crust and softness of the inside of the bread that only Langer's has.

One weird thing...I was looking for a dinner for thursday night, around 8.00pm for four people on open table...this was day of, btw. Amazingly, PerSe had an 8:00pm and 9:45pm time!


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  1. Moss wine bar = Centovini

    I was in LA this past summer and found the service at Pizzeria Mozza to be just fine...Otto can be brusque, so recently, my friends and I have taken to dining at the bar. The bartenders are pretty good.

    Funny about Per Se, I was looking for a 4-top for Monday night (tonight) over the weekend, and they had dinner availability at 8:30pm. Maybe they had a lot of parties of 4 cancel? Or it's just harder to get 4 people who want to pay those prices?!

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      The service (once seated) at both Mozza's was's the front of the house I'm talking about.

      Last time at Pizzeria Mozza, I made a res for 5 people @ 4:30pm - during the middle of the week. We got there, it was maybe 1/3 full. Both bars were empty. Two people cancelled on us at the last minute, so we told them we only had three. The hostess gave me a really nasty look, and seemed completely put out at the change of seating.

      If my mom, from NYC, hadn't been there, I would've walked out then as well. Plenty of other places to eat.

      I find the Per Se availability odd, as gazillion dollar condos are mushrooming around the city. Maybe people don't really like dining like that - who knows?