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Costco's frozen CP Shrimp Won Ton - not bad, not bad!

Out of curiosity, I bought Costco’s frozen CP shrimp wonton. The package contains 6 rice bowl size servings with 5 wontons each wrapped around a whole shrimp. Not expecting much flavor, I threw a piece of ginger in the container before microwaving. Surprisingly, it didn’t need it. The clear broth is redolent with sesame oil with a mild dashi flavoring. Shrimp filled wonton is the only type I like and this fills the bill. Last night I made my own pork broth with napa cabbage and added the Costco won ton. No need to drive to Joy Luck or Ranch 99 when in the mood for a single serving of won tons anymore! And a lot closer than Hong Kong’s Mak’s.

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  1. My husband picked some up. He hasn't tried them yet, but did notice after he got them home that the ingredients lists 1400 mg. of sodium per serving -yikes!

    Clarification per Larry: Shrimp wonton has 330 mg and the soup concentrate has 1100 mg of sodium. Guess we'll be using our homemade stock!

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    1. re: Stephanie Wong

      Are you sure it's the same one Stephanie? The ones I have have says 230mg of sodium per serving.

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        I just called hubby & see clarification above.

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          Whoa. Thanks for that clarification. Homemade soup stock....a good call!

    2. My mom gave us a few of these.

      For frozen won tons they are easily x10000000 better than the kind you can get at 99 Ranch or Marina Supermarket. Sure there's a lot of sodium, but since when were there Chinese processed frozen foods that didn't? I do agree they surpass a lot of Cantonese places that offer won tons but really don't do a good job.

      I usually pour away the broth and just eat the shrimp won tons.

      Container says product of Thailand.

      A lot closer to Mak's in HK? Never been there (heard of them) but that's saying a lot if so! Now if only there's an instant egg noodle that's as good as the bamboo star pole knead versions like in Hong Kong....

      1. You can get some very good dumplings from a stand at the Mountain View farmers market on Sunday. They are very good value for money and they all taste brilliant, including hte vegetarian ones. I can't remember the name of the stand, but you can't miss it.

        1. I'm so glad to hear they are good! I've got a container sitting in our office fridge that I'm now highly anticipating for lunch today. I bought it at Safeway for $2.99 -- how much were the six servings at Costco?

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            I could be wrong but I "think" they were $8.99 for 6. Good deal and I, also, liked them.

          2. I just found these soup bowls at my neighborhood safeway two weeks ago when they were on sale for $2.00 each.

            I didn't expect much, but was I ever surprised by the delicious taste. Stranger even than the fact that they taste good is the decent nutrient profile and scant 90 calories per bowl! I went back to the store and filled my freezer.......I've been eating one everyday since I first sampled these!

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                I believe that CP is the manufacturer, Derek. And, by the way, I was at the South City (on El Camino near Hickey) Costco yesterday and saw another soup from CP. It's a Thai hot and sour shrimp soup, packed the same way as the won ton soup (which they still carry.) I didn't buy it -- no room in the freezer right now -- but I'm going to try it soon.

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                    Thanks, Nancy. I'll have to look out for both of those. A while back Costco was carrying Harry's hot and sour soup, which was surprisingly good. But Harry's rotates their offerings, and the hot and sour soup went away.

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                    CP is a huge agriculture and food processing company in Thailand with shrimp and chicken-related products and a good reputation. I'm glad to hear that they're exporting and will have to check out their products at Costco.


                1. They were sampling them on the "Senior Buffet" in the Redwood City Costco several weeks ago. I looked at them and thought "can't be any good" but I tried them anyway and was very pleasantly surprised - especially that the filling was a whole shrimp! I too was not too happy with the sodium content - but it's good to know that the stock is the culprit. I was truly surprised at the quality of the wonton.

                  1. A local market, Van Ness/Vallejo, recently changed hands to a Korean family and has the individual bowls for $2.39. Yes, a whole shrimp and the won ton skin doesn't suck. I have a couple in the freezer.

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                      I just bought some at Costco...the wontons were fine...but the broth had less than no flavor...I had to doctor it to add some flavor to it...

                    2. If you live in SF, you really owe it to yourself to buy frozen dumplings from Asian American Food Company in Outer Sunset. Everything is made fresh, there's every possible combination of veggie, meat, and seafood, the price is reasonable, and they taste miles better than even dumplings I've had in restaurants. Seriously, you'll never want to bother with dumplings in restaurants let alone frozen dumplings from Ranch 99 or supermarkets again.


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                        Nice tip. Thanks. Pictures of dumplings on the website

                        King of Chinese Dumpling
                        1426 Noriega St, San Francisco, CA

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                          Shan Dong in Oakland also sells frozen dumplings.

                          Shan Dong Mandarin Restaurant
                          328 10th St, Oakland, CA 94607

                        2. Any place to purchase these online? Costco is a bit of a travel to my new residence. I had a taste of these and am craving them.

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                            My local (San Francisco) Safeway carries these in their frozen food section -- they are more expensive there -- I believe that they sell them in individual boxes (or maybe, two to a box.)

                          2. The CP Shrimp Wonton Soup is currently available at Safeway for $2.99 each.

                            I keep buying them (at Costco whenever possible) regardless of price because they taste so darn good and heat up in the Microwave in 4 minutes.
                            A hint to previous posters who complained of the broth being bland and clear:

                            I have experimented with heating times and found that adding a bit more time (when broth seems watery) will create a better outcome. Wontons will lusciously unfurl a bit and release a lovely shrimpy garlicky flavor ,,,,,broth will also be somewhat opaque instead of clear..

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                              You can get them in Costco Bay Area and L.A area and San Diego area

                              The product is excellent and delicious........believe me

                            2. First time I tried these I bought a 6 pack at the Koreana market in Rancho Cordova. They were not in individual bowls at that time. The soup base was in foil packets and the won tons were in an egg carton type plastic tray, then the whole bunch packaged. I think I paid $4.99 for the package. And it was good. I was surprised to see the individual bowls in my local Safeway a couple months later and at a much much higher cost. But they are still pretty tasty and I add some rice to the broth before microwaving.


                              1. I purchased the shrimp cocktail platter. Fresh in the refrigerator case, not that frozen ring. I usually make my own, and just didn't have the time. It was delicious, and everyone at the party devoured the whole platter. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at the freshness.

                                1. I have been crazy about these for quite some time now. Unfortunately my Costco doesn't sell the same kind anymore. They have switched to a new bowl with the shrimp wonton's AND noodles. I don't like the noodle addition and it makes the broth taste different. I plan on explaining my feelings to Costco.

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                                    I too love this soup. I eat 7-10 bowls a week because it tastes so darn good with a little garlic added plus the whole bowl has only 115 calories. I was devastated when costco switched them for the ones with the noodles at 250 calories. I have written one of there suggestions slips and ask for it back . The Costco item number is 140898. Help by doing the same next trip to Costco

                                  2. Ever since they added the cheap filler noodles to the frozen CP Shrimp Won Ton soup, not only the texture and the quality but the flavor went south too. It's nothing like it used to be!

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                                      Didn't realized they were changed. I am always tempted as I pass them but so far have resisted. Based on this the above am glad I did.

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                                        I called CP and found out that they make both items. I also don't like the noodles and extra calories and have voiced a complaint to COSTCO. Seems they get one or the other one in sporadically. I load up on them when the ones without the noodles come in. I am not sure if it is COSTCO's fault or CP's inability to release enough product. Just keep looking, they WILL come back

                                        1. re: snofoot

                                          snofoot said you called CP. I e-mailed them but I'd also like to put in a call. Can you provide me with their phone #? Thanx!

                                            1. re: AndreaNagy

                                              It was a long time ago but I think this is the number. (410) 505-5017

                                              1. re: snofoot

                                                Since it was along time ago maybe they got an 800 number, 410 is Eastern Maryland.
                                                C.P. Products, Inc.
                                                7135 Minstrel Way, Suite 203 Columbia, MD 21045
                                                (800) 720-6668

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                                              Ranch 99 in Dublin carries CP shrimp wontons, both with and without the noodles. It's usually in the open refrigerated cases near (but not next to) the hot deli mixed in with the assorted gyozas, not the regular freezer section.

                                              1. re: cvhound

                                                Price/portion compared to Costco?

                                                1. re: wolfe

                                                  I think I've seen it for ~$10 for a box of 6 portions, but please don't hold me to that b/c it's been a while since I purchased it. It goes on sale fairly regularly at Ranch 99. The reason we don't purchase it more often is b/c we rarely have room in our freezer for six portions. Otherwise, we'd purchase it more often!

                                                  1. re: cvhound

                                                    On sale tomorrow thru next Thursday 8/5-8/11 for $8.88 (box of 6) at 99 Ranch

                                                    1. re: kc72

                                                      Thanks kc72 for the great tip about the Ranch 99 shrimp won ton soup sale.

                                          1. Actually the Richmond store now stocks Chicken of the Sea brand.

                                            1. OMG. SO bad. SO bad. They've finally hit rock bottom.

                                              So here is the downhill spiral:

                                              1) 2011: Perfect yummy soup. Nothing but broth (traditional taste) and five wontons. Perfect. But, I worried, will this become amerikanized in such a mass market??

                                              2) 2012: Sure enough, they started showing up last year with... what the.... NOOODLES? Fine. It sucked but the broth and (smaller) wontons were still yummy.

                                              3) 2013: Just loaded up on two boxes tonight, all excited, got home, threw one in the micro. BLECH. The broth is now -- I kid you not -- a chicken soup base. The wontons have somehow been stripped of any traditional flavor, the broth chucks and, to top it off, they are now nearly 13 bucks a box in my Costco (in the Land of God's Punishment).

                                              WHAT THE HELL?????? Please someone send me a confirmed address/contact number for these numbskulls.

                                              1. Add a little more sesame oil and sriracha for a real treat. I also microwave the bowls a little longer so the noodles absorb more flavor. I know some will say that cooking the noodles pasta al dente is a sacrelige however it is possible without over cooking the shrimp if you allow the bowl defrost before cooking.

                                                1. I have been pestering Costco for several years to get this company to sell more of their soup WITHOUT NOODLES!!! Great Taste an low calories. All COSTCO does is ignore me. Well after reading how bad the soup has morphed into, I give up! Never seems to be much good or a good buy at COSTCO anymore anyway.