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New to the area, looking for Trini-Indie food.

Hi, I'm new to Canada and live in Palmerston, Ontario from The Cayman Islands. Does anyone know where I can get some real West Indian roti, doubles, and curries?

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  1. I'm sorry I don't know where Palmerston,is,but Toronto has a lot of Trinidadian places. If you do a search up in the search box of -Trinidadian restaurants in Toronto- you will get a lot of places to try. Hope this helps somewhat!

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      Thanks! I was hoping to find somewhere a bit closer to home, but it is very rural here.

    2. Yes, a search will help, but will the general term of Caribbean work too? For instance, I've heard good things about Cool Runnings at Main &Gerrard.

      Cool Runnings
      146 Main St, Toronto, ON M4E2V8, CA

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      1. Here's a recent thread for Toronto-area roti and doubles:


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        1. Drupati's. Bit of a drive for you, but worth it.

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            I will keep that in mind next time I'm in the GTA.

          2. I really like Island Foods located at Dufferin and King. The rotis and curries are delicious...the hot sauce is to die for!

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            1. Parkdale (Queen st. west of dufferin/east of Landsowne). Between Ali's, Chicken Plus, and dare I even say Bachus, you will not be disappointed. I beleive Ali's and Chicken Plus are Trini run and Bachus is Guyanese. The hot sauce at Ali's is fire! However, growing up in a Jamaican family, thats really just essential.

              Jamaican - St Clair - Eglington W between Allen Rd and Dufferin. Best Jamaican food you will find in the city outside of heading to Scarborough or North York.

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              1. Simma's is near the airport at Goreway and Derry (3417 Derry Road East, Malton
                905-677-3335) and serves great Trini-style Roti & Doubles. The owner, Roma, is from Trinidad and is very nice too. Very casual place with only a couple little tables - mostly for take-out.

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                  Thanks, that is on my way to the airport!

                2. Hey kanadakat -- are living in the town of Palmerston? Or on the street Palmerston in Toronto?

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                    Town of Minto, Palmerston in rural southwestern Ontario.

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                      Are you near a farming community? If so, seasonal workers come in from Mexico and the West Indies--maybe next spring or summer, some of them will be making roti and doubles???