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Oct 29, 2007 07:31 AM

Fun, Hip, Relatively Cheap B-day Dinner for 10 mid 20s DOWNTOWN

Would love any suggestions you guys have.

Here is the criteria:

Any cuisine
Fun vibe
Relatively Cheap - including booze could be 40ish per person
Downtown on the east side - LES or EV, etc.
Good for groups (its gonna be mostly girls)

Thanks guys!

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  1. max or grotto would be good options...grotto may be pushing it on the price.

    1. I always have fun with a group at Xunta on first ave. A few pitures of sangria and a bunch of yummy tapas (the bacon wrapped figs and spicy potatoes brava) and you will easily be underbudget. Just get there early to avoid the crowds.

      1. Esperanto a bit more hipster cool. Xunta is fun and cheap. Tortilla Flats, fun, mediocre food, tons o booze. This board often suggests Alta to posts like this.(Never been myself)

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          I love Alta, but I find it more sedate than fun. And it would be hard to end at under 40 a person.

        2. I'm a big fan of Grape and Grain...but it's wine and beer only. Great food to share. I was at Bonjoo one night (korean) and there was a large party there having a great time (again wine, sake, beer). Frank, Lil Frankies, or Max (Italian). Agozar (tapas), Oliva (tapas), Apple (just check it's asian influenced), Rice (beer, wine,sake) The Elephant (Thai), Zum Schneider (German)