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Oct 29, 2007 07:26 AM

Mid-afternoon bite in Harvard Square?

Any suggestions where to grab a somewhat leisurely bite in Harvard Square Tuesday afternoon? I'm not looking for fast food but it doesn't have to be fine dining either. Is the bar at Casablanca open during the day?

Also, I thought I'd read that Burdick's moved - if so, can you tell me where it is? Thanks.

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  1. Burdick's didn't move - they were closed all summer for renovations. Open again now, apparently.

    1. Upstairs on the Square

      1. I like Daedalus on Mt. Auburn for a good, and quiet, Cubano. Google says that Casablanca opens at 11:30am Mon through Friday, Harvest also opens at 12N.

        1. At the risk of CH wrath, I personally like the chains: John Harvard's Brew House (it's got Harvard in the name), Au Bon Pain (people-watching Harvard Sq institution), Bertucci's (free lunch salad), and Le's (formerly Pho Pasteur - best food among the bunch).

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            Au Bon Pain does have good people watching but not much else to recommend it. I actually like Le's fine as a takeout option in Harvard Square but it's not a good place to linger -- it's so loud and cramped inside.

            I like the other options better. Burdicks is good if you can get a seat -- big if. Not sure how many seats are usually available at Darwin's on Mt. Auburn. The service is lousy but the sandwiches are good and hanging out on the cafe side is pretty comfortable.

            1. re: NYA Joe

              I like John Harvard's for beer but not food, though I will get a cup of clam chowder with my beer in cold weather. It is nice and quiet during the afternoon though.

              Wagamama also might be another option, sitting alone by the window watching the crowds is fun and what I've had of the noodles is so far pretty good.

              1. re: steinpilz

                I second Wagamama. Also like Z-Square.

            2. How about Darwin's Limited for sandwiches? Also be sure to get the cookies for Lakota there.

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              1. re: limster

                Darwin's does have good sandwiches.