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Oct 29, 2007 07:22 AM

Mosaica Update

We finally made our first return visit to Mosaica, in Vauxhall, NJ for the first time since it changed ownership (quite a while ago). I definitely hope that we'll be able to get back there soon, since the food was delicious. For the appetizer, we started with the "duck confit on a salad of mixed greens with red wine vinaigrette" which was very tasty, and the soup of the day a chicken based cauliflower soup, which (with the addition of a little salt) was also very good. For the mains we ordered the grilled ribeye steak, and the seared duck breast.
As we were eating the duck salad appetizer, we began to have second thoughts about having ordered another duck dish for the main. We needn't have worried, as the main was prepared very differently. The seared duck breast had a subtle wine flavor, and was served over (but not overwhelmed by) a delicate wine-based wild mushroom sauce, which was absolutely delicious. It was accompanied by really tasty shredded fried zucchini, and garlic mashed potatoes.
The ribeye, which we ordered medium, was thick, very juicy, not fatty, and very flavorful. The side dishes of garlicky sauteed greens (I think spinach), and crispy potato cake were excellent.
For dessert we chose the Persian Lime tart with kiwi, and crushed pistachios. Though the creamy tart wasn't as limey as I had anticipated (I like lime), it was very good, (with a tasty crust), and a nice imaginative change from the some of the more typical desserts that you see all over.

Based on this experience, I would definitely recommend Mosaica. I'm pretty sure that they require reservations; but even if they don't I think that you would be safe to make them, as the place is fairly small, and fills up quickly.

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  1. Do they still change the menu to reflect what is in season?

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      I don't know for sure, but from what I read a while back from a previous poster, the menu seems to have stayed the same since the new ownership.

    2. I can not agree more. We moved to the area last year, and once we tried Mosaica a few months ago, we keep going back. I work in the city, and this is one of the only places that I find just as good as Manhattan food, and with better prices.

      The menu does seem to be the same since I started frequenting this place, but there are always specials for the day, so that has helped with variety. And every single thing I have ever ordered has been excellent - I have literally not had a single bad dish. A few things I especially recommend:

      -as Bzdhkap says, the duck confit on mixed greens is great. It is listed as an appetizer but you can also order it as a main
      -the pomegranate lamb is fantastic
      -the marinated olive appetizer is served warm and really delicious. It took me awhile to order because I kind of think of olives as something to be served free! But once I did, I could not stop. They are addictive.
      -the striped bass is served with a really good mushroom sauce and from the fish choices, one of my favorites

      In addition to the good food, the service is good and the place has a warm, relaxing, feel. I highly recommend!

      1. We went to Mosaica a number of months ago, and were completely underwhelmed. The food was okay, and the vegetarians in our party didn't have much to choose from, despite advance assurances from the staff that they would. The worst part was the service--our server couldn't tell us what was what, and for such a small place, found it difficult to make it over our way with enough frequency.

        I'm hoping that this was an isolated evening of hiccups, and will try Mosaica again based on your recommendations. Thanks