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Oct 29, 2007 07:15 AM

Sunday Lunch At Eastern Pier, Boston

A few of us went over to Eastern Pier II on the Waterfront (Northern Avenue) for lunch yesterday before the big games. The place was nearly empty and we were able to grab a parking spot in their tiny lot. The food, as always, was very satisfying, with the Singapore-style Chow Mai and the chicken kung pao both being as tasty as usual.

A couple of other dishes that were ordered were ones I hadn't tried there before; one in particular was outstanding--the shredded duck lo mein. The noodles were chewy and hearty (as opposed to the greasy, mushy ones I seem to find at so many other places), and the duck was delicious. The other dish--the pad Thai--was also very good.

Hot and sour soup was dark and rich and had a slow burn to it, while the wonton soup was very good. We also ordered steak teriyaki; they were much better than your typical ones, as they were all meat--no gristle or fat on them.

Service was excellent. It seems like we always have the same waitress there, but that's fine with me, as she is friendly, funny, and always has a smile on her face.

I have gone to Eastern Pier with a number of people, and not one has been disappointed in the place. It's definitely a real find. I just hope they stick around for awhile (the building they are in has been bought by a developer). Between the water views, the terrific service, the cheap prices, and the excellent food, it has become one of my favorite places to go to, and one of the few restaurants that I go to again and again (O'Sullivan's in Somerville is about the only other these days).

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  1. I so agree. They make an incredibly delicate steamed whole fish in ginger, excellent chow mai, and are generally reliable. love the view and the terrace in summer. they deserve more good press than they get. wonder if its location?

    1. See what happens when I read Chowhound? I had decided this week no eating out to try to improve our wallets and waistlines. But now I absolutely have to have that duck lo mein, AND they deliver. I haven't been in a while but I do remember a really good monkfish chow fun special on our last visit.

      ha - any other favorites anyone would recommend for dinner tonight?

      Eastern Pier II
      146 Northern Ave, Boston, MA 02210

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        Wow, are they fast - they were at our door with our piping hot food less than 15 minutes after we called. The shredded duck lo mein was really good and I would order that again. I wanted to order the clams gyppielou mentions below, but E felt like beef so we got the beef in black bean sauce. We rounded the meal out with some excellent salt and pepper squid. Great meal thanks to CH! Nice change of pace from our usual Chinese food delivery - Billy Tse's. Thanks for the reminder about Eastern Pier.

      2. Although I have had a few moments of slight dissappointment. I adore their littlenecks in black bean sauce!!!

        1. Husband and I went there for lunch on a Sunday, before visiting the ICA. Based on the rec's here, we ordered the clams in black bean sauce, and the shredded duck lo mein. Both were so good, esp the duck lo mein. I'm Chinese and I'm usually a bit skeptical about Chinese restaurants in "touristy" areas, but this is really good. The lo mein, like hiddenboston said, was not greasy at all and very flavorful, but not salty either.

          My only minor complaint: the plates we were given were ice-cold. They cooled off the food as soon as we put the food on the plates.

          Would definitely go back there again if we are in the vicinity.