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Oct 29, 2007 06:41 AM

Ordering a Short at Starbucks?

Seriously what's the secret to actually getting a short?

When we lived in Seattle it was simple since it was on the menu board. we've been gone 7 years son maybe even there it's not possible anymore?

In AZ I've gone round and round with them periodically over the years...they have the cups as they use them for the kid's drinks but always refuse to make a drink in one unless it's on the kid's menu...screws up the inventory they say.

We're in FL right now...there's a Starbucks in our hotel so it's quick and convenient on the way out in the morning. I ordered a Short Americano yesterday. The counter person confirmed "short americano" The barista repeated "short americano" while making hte drink...then handed me said drink saying "short americano" a tall cup.

Do shorts not exist anymore anywhere?

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  1. The only time I've ever had problems ordering a short at a Starbucks is in some VA grocery stores. For some reason those stores don't carry the short cups at all.

    But I've never had a problem ordering shorts at regular Starbucks stores on the East Coast. I have no idea why there would be this discrepancy between Starbucks locations.

    1. I just ordered one.

      The Starbucks inside a hotel is most likely not a Stand Alone. That may be your problem.

      1. The stand alone vs. in hotel/airport distinction is the key one. I've gotten short cups in stand alone Starbucks all over the country in the last year and a bit. But at stand alone stores which are not run by Starbucks, I've rarely seen the short cup.

        The AZ store refusing to make a short is a situation I haven't encountered. If a store has the short cup, they've always made my drink a short without any hesitation or question.

        1. I have been ordering shorts forever. I can never finish anything more than that. I only had a problem years ago when they first took short off the menu.

          1. I've never had a problem getting a short. Yes, sometimes they are out of cups, but then my tall cup is not full, so they aren't giving me a tall by the name of short but rather a short in a tall cup.

            Hotel, airport, and grocery store Sbux are always sort of wierd.

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              As for the hotel and grocery store Starbucks, those as well as most airport stores and book store kiosks are considered part of what Starbucks calls " licensed stores". They are just that, paying for the name and the product of Starbucks, they aren't governed by the same exact rules and regs as the stand alone stores.