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Oct 29, 2007 04:50 AM

L'impero - recent reviews and feelings ?

Hi everyone
I hear the above is interesting place to eat . Has anyone eaten here recently ?

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  1. My partner and I had dinner there for the first time last friday. It was everything I had hoped it would be. After a bit of a slow start (they were very busy) the service improved and the food was superb. We started with the sardines and the gnocchi. If you like sardines, you will love these. Accompanied by mozzarella, peppers and pesto. Very light and delicious. Main courses were guinea hen and saddle and sausage of lamb, both wonderful. Desserts were a pumpkin pudding with dried fruits, which was very tasty and a panna cotta, also good but not quite as good as the pumpkin. They were out of the apple fritters, which would have been the first choice. The wine list is pricy, but there is a decent selection in the lower range, and I picked a Nero D'Avola from Sicily which was quite good. Overall a very pleasant experience. I would rate this among the top of Italian restaurants in the city. Up to now, I liked Babbo the best but would rate L'Impero a bit higher.