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Apr 26, 2006 09:30 PM

fish and chips

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is there anywhere i can find fish and chips using fresh fish and fresh potatoes (not frozen) in the city

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    1. re: penny

      Does Edinburgh still send the bartender running around the
      corner to Old Chelsea to pick up the fish and chips? If so,
      I don't think it's going to meet curtis's requirements.

      1. re: Jef

        Yep. Indeed, although the fish and chips are probably good quality, I have yet to get an order that wasn't soggy from the trip.

    2. Napper Tandy: fresh potatoes yes, unsure on the fish (I highly doubt it) but it's good!

      1. Believe it or not, the fish & chips at Knuckles at Hyatt Hotel on Wharf in SF is delicious. They used to tell me it was fresh and I believed it but then one waiter admitted it was frozen. It's really white, I think halibut. It's served with malt vinegar and if you don't want fries you can substitute a nice green salad.

        1. c
          Carolyn Angel

          Town Hall on Fremont, downtown SF has great fish & chips on their lunch menu.

          1. Cooks Seafood In Menlo Park. Opened since 1928. Personally I think they have the best fish and chips in the Peninsula. Thick pieces of Alaskan Halibut or Snapper fried in a light corn meal batter served with thick steak fries. What I like about Cook's is the freshness of their fish because their fish store is right next door. Also they lightly batter their fish.