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fish and chips

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is there anywhere i can find fish and chips using fresh fish and fresh potatoes (not frozen) in the city

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    1. re: penny

      Does Edinburgh still send the bartender running around the
      corner to Old Chelsea to pick up the fish and chips? If so,
      I don't think it's going to meet curtis's requirements.

      1. re: Jef

        Yep. Indeed, although the fish and chips are probably good quality, I have yet to get an order that wasn't soggy from the trip.

    2. Napper Tandy: fresh potatoes yes, unsure on the fish (I highly doubt it) but it's good!

      1. Believe it or not, the fish & chips at Knuckles at Hyatt Hotel on Wharf in SF is delicious. They used to tell me it was fresh and I believed it but then one waiter admitted it was frozen. It's really white, I think halibut. It's served with malt vinegar and if you don't want fries you can substitute a nice green salad.

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          Carolyn Angel

          Town Hall on Fremont, downtown SF has great fish & chips on their lunch menu.


          1. Cooks Seafood In Menlo Park. Opened since 1928. Personally I think they have the best fish and chips in the Peninsula. Thick pieces of Alaskan Halibut or Snapper fried in a light corn meal batter served with thick steak fries. What I like about Cook's is the freshness of their fish because their fish store is right next door. Also they lightly batter their fish.


            1. Fish part of the fish and chips at Weird Fish (Mission at 18th) are fantastic and made from tilapia. The chips, however, were limp.

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              1. re: Mmmonica

                My portion of tilapia was meager, and the fish is so thin that there was little taste of it...the fries as said were flaccid...

                1. re: ChowFun_derek

                  Yep, and mine had no batter coating of which to speak. The fish looked more pan-fried than deep-fried. Tasty but thin and not what I think of when I think of fish n' chips. I did like the mix of potato and yam fries. Fried oysters did have a great batter. The battered green beans had almost no coating whatsoever and what little stayed on quickly fell away leaving limp beans.

                  Loved the interior and service is super friendly.

              2. We've had fish and chips in the past couple of weeks at both Weird Fish and Woodhouse Fish Co. As Mmmonica says, the fish part of the fish and chips is great at Weird Fish. The chips were indeed limp, but I like the combo of regular and sweet potato chips. My husband does not. I had the onion strings. Good flavor, but limp. I've had better at Cafe Rigolo on California St.

                Woodhouse had very good, greaseless fish and chips. Husband liked the chips. I'm not really into fries, but I guess they were pretty good. (I had a yummy Crab Louie salad.) I don't know if they're fresh potatoes or not. Hey, In-N-Out uses fresh potatoes, and their fries are awful.

                1. Anyone ever been to Picadilly Fish & Chips on Polk? I go by there all the time and wonder...

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                    I've not, but an English friend of mine swears that they have the best fish and chips in San Francisco. However, he ranks them well below A Salt and Battery, which in turn he ranks well below what you'd get at a typical chippie. I've not been to England so I have no comment there...

                    1. re: dunstable

                      I pass by there all the time too, I've been meaning to try it and hopefully will sometime soon.

                      Recent thread about it, though without much verdict:


                      1. re: dunstable

                        The place on Polk is pretty good, run by a Japanese couple. It's been awhile since I've been there.
                        My favorite F&C places are out of the city, Barbara's Fish Trap down in Princeton (Half Moon Bay), the to-go counter.
                        And Fish up in Sauslito is really good as well. More pricey, since
                        it's sustainable fish.

                        1. re: Sebby

                          They're Korean, not Japanese.

                          I think they and Old Chelsea are owned by the same folks, but either way, they both taste identical. Best fish and chips in town IMO. Irish Bank isn't bad too - big portions.

                    2. On Geary between 17th Ave and 18th Ave, south side of the street, there's a Buffalo Wing/Burger place (sorry don't know the proper name) that very good fish and chips. It was once owned by an Irish family and has been sold a few times. People would regularly call in orders and it was fairly busy for a such a small shop.

                      I always thought it was good but when a coworker whose family is from the UK said it was great, I was surprised. His guess was they knew what temp to keep the fryers at.

                      1. After all this fish 'n chip talk, I was seriously craving it! I went for drinks after work at the Irish Bank (Mark Lane between Bush & Kearny) yesterday and ended up sharing an order of fish 'n chips with a coworker - the fries were just okay, nothing spectacular, but the fish was delish! There were 3 good sized pieces, crispy coating, flaky white fish and perfect tartar sauce (although I mostly used malt vinegar.) $10.50

                        1. Cafe Maritime in the marina added fish and chips to their menu a few months back. Had it once......it was damn good!

                          1. I'm quite fond of the fish and chips at The Pig And Whistle on Geary.