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Oct 29, 2007 04:09 AM

Oysters needed in Phoenix Online or Local?

Starting to prepare for a Brewing Party and have blown the dust off an old, but very popular, party plan that will require two bushels of Oysters for Raw, Rockefeller, Grilled and Pan Roast.

Has anyone had any success ordering online? If so, whom do you recommend?

If not Online, does anyone have a local supplier they might recommend?

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  1. you MIGHT be able to get away with the cooked oysters buying locally, but for raw, forget it. you're gonna have to bring them in yourself (and really, for that many, you'll get a better price anyways)

    there are 8 million places to order from online, but if I might suggest, I'm from the East coast and found the most wonderful little fish shop in harwich, ma with the most amazing oysters, clams, fish....George's Fish Market. I lived there all summer. They were great at special orders (the last day I was in this summer, a guy walked in 2 minutes after closing, and said their caterer had just bagged on his wedding, which was in 4 hours. could george possibly create lobbie dinners for 60? he said yes as I was leaving).

    they've got an ok website, but just call them. and if you decide to go with it, pop me an email, i'd love to add onto your order and split the shipping.

    1. Nitro:
      I have had outstanding luck ordering oysters into both Tucson and Phoenix from American Mussel Harvesters, for the last several years. I got my last batch just a couple of weeks ago, and they were fantastic.

      1. How do I get an invite? :)

        Just kidding. I am going to have to place an order with I'm just disappointed I can't choose my Pacific cold water oysters off the list. . . . I'd like a few dozen giga-motos.

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        1. re: jcarnie

          Do any local seafood eateries serve them? It would never hurt to ask the manager if you can buy some through them - just ask a week or so in advance and offer to bring a group to the restaurant for your next party - or give the place lots of love at your soiree.

          1. re: tastyjon

            i'll be honest. i've yet to taste an oyster at ANY local eatery, even the highest end, that i thought was worthwhile raw. its why i'd advise bringing them in yourself.

            meanwhile, while nitro is enteraining, we should have a chowhound chowdown with an order as well, dontchathink?

            1. re: hzp

              i was really excited to see this thread, and i was hoping for some local insights. i'll agree oysters good enough to have raw are few and far between in this town. for me it comes down to one expensive indulgent spot - bistro 24 at the ritz carlton. they're delicious. but i can't afford to have them often. and that makes me sad!!

              1. re: winedubar

                oooooh. hmm, i will give that a shot. i am ALWAYS about some good raw oysters. mignonette hopefully? everyone here does the mightily lesser tasting horseradish cocktail sauce combo.

                1. re: winedubar

                  chain alert : what's the consensus on mccormick & schmick's @ esplanade? i have been several times the past year and found them to be very fresh.

                  1. re: azhotdish

                    I agree wholeheartedly. Their buying power and commitment to serving very fresh, high-quality fish and shellfish, every day, is unwavering. It may not be imaginative cuisine, but the fish is always impeccable and given the quality reasonably priced.

                    1. re: azhotdish

                      see, while i love the food, the oysters were fine, but not worth buying again. if you've had really fresh oysters, you can tell the different immediately.

                    2. re: winedubar

                      I've had some good oysters at Durant's. Normally they give you a choice between east coast and pacific oysters there but our waitress blanked out last time and we ended up with a plate of awful Blue Points, which we sent right back to the kitchen. The oysters we got in exchange were much better, but I'm sadly blanking on the name right now - probably Kumamotos or Miyagis. I always have a Bloody Mary with my oysters at Durant's (it comes with a huge shrimp on it ... hee!) and it was mighty strong that time.

                      We've asked them where they get their oysters and they're from East Coast Seafood. We haven't had a need to order oysters in yet, but if we had to I think our first course of action would be to call them, and our second course of action would be to mailorder them from Hog Island near San Francisco.

                      1. re: sistinas

                        Noticed that the subject of mignonette came up on this thread. Most recipes for this simple, yet perfect condiment for oysters, do not tell you to simmer the shallots, vinegar, and S&P and reduce by 25%, but this is the secret to a great mignonette. Try making it both ways and compare, I guarantee you will never serve it without heating again.

                        It does take a little longer, because you want the reduced mignonette to cool to at least room temperature.

                        1. re: dflack

                          INTERESTING.... that would make it thicker... which i'm not sure I like.... this summer I would do a quick mignonette with shallots, salt, pepper, vinegar and a splash of OJ. it was just perfect on the wellfleet oysters....

                          after visiting france, cocktail sauce now feels like dumping ketchup on the oysters. it made me realize just how mediocre most oysters we eat are, so who cares what you drown them in? really fresh oysters are just perfectly sweet...

                          1. re: hzp

                            thanks alot hzp!!!! now im going to have to figure out a way to sneak in a trip to bistro 24 for some oysters...i'm going to have to eat 2 dollar bahn mi at da vangs all week to accommodate the

                            seriously all this oyster talk is making me crave oysters :D

                            1. re: hzp

                              i'd trade trick or treating for mignonette :D on their menu its a cucumber mignonette...yuuuum


                              1. re: hzp

                                i just called bistro 24 - they are 15 bucks a half dozen and they are 'from canada'. i didn't get any more info than that

                                1. re: winedubar

                                  after spending all summer paying .75 a piece, it seems a little like robbery along a fast moving through way. Canada... assume PEI?

                                  1. re: hzp

                                    i agree..last time we went we had 2 dozen oysters and 2 cocktails..thats about 100 bucks with tip. ouch!!!!!!!

                                    prolly pei, i agree :) go prince edward !

                      2. re: hzp

                        Try the raw oysters served on the half shell at Sushi Eye in Motion in downtown Chandler...they are awesome and incredibly fresh!! I was never a fan of raw oysters until I tried these.

                    3. re: jcarnie

                      Jcarnie: Giga-Moto's are on their pacific oyster list. I ordered some last year and they were pretty darn good.

                      1. re: Booklegger451

                        I'll have to re-order! I ordered 4 doz from American Mussel harvesters and they were small - very small. They were fresh and came to the door in a dripping FedEx box. No one complained, but I will have to order again. At the time I ordered, they were out of the giga-motos.

                        Side note, I went to King's Fish Market in Tempe Town Marketplace - pretty much on accident - a friend suggested we meet at the Keg for lunch and it was closed. I had GREAT kumamoto (my favorite) oysters there. It's not likely I would have gone there on purpose, but I'll definitely go back when I feel like oysters!

                    4. This reminds me of the old days -- weed? -- Hijola! Panama red, Honduras blue Michoacan -- coffee? Jamaican blue, Kona estate, Tanzania peaberry ... Seafood fact: "fresh" fish, shellfish, etc. almost invariably is out of the water for WEEKS before you eat it. I lived on the Gulf Coast, freshest fish anywhere ... shrimp boats stock their holds for 6+ weeks at a time before coming in ... remember the movie "The Perfect Storm?" ... week after week on ice in the hold ... Sushi? Prized bluefin is corraled off the Pacific coast of Mexico and before it is purchased in the Japanese market, it is killed, held, cut and eventually served, several days at least after the kill.

                      Modern shipping technologies have leveled the field (ocean) for all of us, at some manageable incremental cost. Do you really think the salmon tossed across the Pike market from one monger to the other was bleeding on the hook yesterday??? Hah!!! Tell your stories ... I grew up on the Sound, and unless you pluck the shell and open it it devour it yourself, you have no guarantee when it emerged from the water -- and if you did, it may not be nearly as good as the one you buy from your monger, wherever you are.

                      1. Thanks for all of your input. Had a friend who is still in F&B give me a local contact that will sell me a mixed variety out the door at really good prices.

                        When it is all over I will post the results and the suppliers name and number if he agrees to me posting his info.

                        On another note...anyone have a great Seafood Pan Roast recipe?