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Best French Bistro on the Westside

Let's hear it people! Favorites include duck confit, pate, coq au vin. Great bread a bonus. I've seen decent reviews for the following:

Amandine Patisserie
Bistro L'Hermitage
La Cachette Restaurant

Been to Le Petit Cafe and was not a fan.

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  1. Not exacly the Westside but I like Mimosa and Pastis.. Both are very traditional in what they offer..

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      here are the links..

      Mimosa Restaurant
      8009 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048

      Pastis Restaurant
      8114 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048

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        what do you mean not exactly the Westside - how far west do you have to go?

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          Minimally La Cienega as the furthest east, yet many will tell you the BH city line, or worse yet, the 405. Interpretations do vary!!!

      2. Pastis and Comme Ca.
        Had the duck at comme ca last Thursday and it was sensational. Melrose just east of La Cienega, just opened a week, and owned and operated by David Myers of Sona.
        Here is my post on the subject:
        Don't like Mimosa at all - gone waaaay down hill in past few years.
        Don't feel Cachette is a bistro at all, but a French fine dining restaurant.
        Amandine to me is more of a bakery/cafe, not exactly my definition of a bistro either, although good at what they do.

        1. I've only been to Amadine for breakfast. It's nice but not spectacular. You would probably do just as well at Coral Tree Cafe or Literati II.

          I didn't think much of Soleil- everyone raves about it. My boyfriend ordered the coq au vin and was really disappointed- to him this is the signature dish for a French bistro and he thought it tasted like a microwaveable dinner. (Okay, maybe a little better than that, but you get the idea) The waiter raved and raved about the french fries, and well, they were french fries and not particularly good ones. (on the limp side and not that well flavored)

          1. So looks like I'm out of luck? I will try Mimosa & Pastis but are too far to make my regular spot.

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              I wasn't thrilled with Le Petit Cafe either and was hoping you'd get a great rec on the westside. This won't help you now, but I vaguely recall reading somewhere that a bistro or brasserie is opening soon in Santa Monica. Maybe someone has more info on that....

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                Alain Giraud will be opening a brasserie on Santa Monica Blvd. near the Third Street Promenade (however, the Fall opening previously promised seems unlikely). If we are lucky, he will include his incredible daube on the menu. In the meantime, Chez Mimi, suggested by Juji, can certainly satisfy some of your cravings.

            2. I haven't been there in ages, but there's Chez Mimi in the Brentwood area.

              1. I usually go to Le Petit Bistro on Melrose (I think?) ? Does that count as Westside?
                Duck confit and Moules Frites were very good there, but never got coq au vin.

                Le Petit Four on Sunset had pretty good Moules Frites, but again, don't know about the others :P

                1. Not exactly on the westside but I really like Little Next Door. It's a bakery/restaurant during the day and turns into an upscale restaurant/wine bar in the night. They have great brunch, baked goods, small plates and charcuterie. I have not tried their dinner items there tho.

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                    I love Little Next Door too, but they're only open till 6pm. Little Door is open for dinner.

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                      not a huge fan of la dijonaise. perhaps i went on a off day for brunch but the croque madame i ordered was pretty gross. soggy, oily and lack of flavor (unless you consider oil a flavor..lol). the service was quite apathetic as well. ugh.

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                        agreed. their food is very mediocre and decent only enough to give it a try if you're curious. but nothing memorable, and hardly worth the money... there's better.

                    2. Has anyone been to Le Marmiton in the Marina? I live right near there but have yet to check it out. The menu seems to have plenty of French bistro staples.

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                        I live in the Marina too- haven't tried it but have heard both good and bad, probably more bad than good. Mostly, service is terrible and food is bland and not well cooked. Others have told me it is a cute little French bistro. Judging from the fare we have in the Marina, I would be more inclined to believe the bad, ...

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                          Le Marmiton is a cute, little French bistro with terrible service and bland food. Marguerite Cafe on Washington toward the beach is a better choice.

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                            Ha- well, I guess you could have both the good and the bad at the same time! Will have to try Marguerite Cafe- I need SOMETHING close by!

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                          Jerome - How's the food at Lilly's? What did you particularly enjoy there? Since it is french, I may try the Croque monsieur.

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                            The food was good but uneven. Some dishes were tasty. I esp liked the soups.

                            didn't have the croque monsieur. And it's been a while since i've been.

                        2. i'm surprised no one mentioned Brass Cap. i think that is more of a bistro than the ones listed above