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Oct 28, 2007 11:36 PM

Best Flan in Highland Park?

I am wondering where I can get the best flan in Highland Park. I've been craving it lately!

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  1. Did not try it but saw two kinds of really good looking flan at the new Antiqua Bakery. Also, I have noticed flan at La Morenita in Cypress Park too which might be worth checking out.

    1. Best flan regardless of where you are is the flan at El Pollo Loco. No joke.

      1. The best flan in Highland Park is in El Sereno, at Taste of Brazil, on Huntington Dr., painted a bright happy yellow outside. They told us it's their Brazilian version, and OMG it was heavenly, silky smooth, there was something a little different about the caramel which we couldn't figure out, but those of us who decided to order it even after our giant meals which we couldn't finish, were very happy indeed.

        Edit: they have good Brazilian food too. :)

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          So I tried the flan at Taste of Brazil this weekend. I didn't like it so much. It was too rich for my taste, and they poured on a lot of caramel syrup, which tasted artificially sweet and sugary.

          1. re: simplicitea

            Sorry to hear that. The four of us who tried it, after 1 spoonful, we all looked up at each other in amazed pleasure, and then immediately went back to our flans. I didn't think there was anything artificial tasting about the caramel whatsoever.

            1. re: simplicitea

              Seriously, I recommend that you try the flan at El Pollo Loco. Everybody who's ever tasted it swears by it.

              1. re: search_for_the_holy_gruel

                omg! i tried the flan at el pollo loco and it was good. who woulda thought? i'm definitely going back there again.

          2. I really like the flan at El Pavo bakery on Fig. By the piece or the whole thing.

            1. Do Filipino places prepare flan differently?