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Oct 28, 2007 09:15 PM

What is your favorite camping recipe?

I like to keep things simple but I have been inspired by what some of the chefs have been doing over an open fire on these cooking shows.

Recently I made carne asada, with the right wine, it is fabulous and super simple.

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  1. I marinate a leg of lamb and slap it straight on that firepit griller. What to go with it? Couscous (with the nuts and dried fruits etc already in it). Precut veggies sauteed in oil over the same fire as the lamb while it is resting before cutting. Lots of good flat bread with thick, homemade tzatziki. Zesty Zin, Pinot or Shiraz and you are good to go.

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      Yum! YUM! This sounds wonderful, thank you.

      1. My husband and I did carne asada on the last camping trip of this summer too - and it was excellent.

        1. One more thing. OK a few. My father-in-law who is Camper Man, does a whole chicken on a can of coke. Flat coke I think. He goes on and on about it. I think you jam the can in the cavity. Sorry. I am sure someone out there knows the details. I also try to do everything on the campfire and cook a lot in heavy duty foil instead of a pan. Esp. important if you are tenting. Also, if you are using branches to skewer food, use green branches and nothing that is poisonous. I cut everything I can ahead of time and ziplock it. Don't forget trash bags, a table cloth and table cloth holders.

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            This is a great thing to do. You can get a premade holder that you slip a can into or just use a can and pull the legs out a bit to support it. Any liquid in the can works - juice, soda or the Marinate the chicken or rub it with flavored butter - under the skin as well - and put it over the can that is about 1/2 full of liquid. Add some herbs to the liquid if you want. Put the whole thing on the grill and off you go.

          2. Car camping or backpacking?

            Car camping- easy. I get a nice London Broil, put it in a ziploc bag with a marinade, and freeze it. It will thaw in a day or so in the cooler, and I slap it on the fire- on a rack that I bring from my oven. A couple of baking potatoes cooking on the edge of the fire, some veggies also grilled, and it's a no work dinner.

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              I had the same question. Backpacking and eating well is a bit difficult. If you have an abundant water source, you could do some interesting pastas.

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                Well, I actually have gone camping with an old friend for many years. About 10 years ago we backpacked (baby-backpacking - only 1.5 miles to the camp, but it was a climb for a lot of it). We'd gotten a late start and it got dark before we made it to our destination. So we camped by a lake and my friend "threw together" a fabulous spaghetti ala carbonara right there. She had parboiled the spaghetti before we left. I'll tell you, THAT is the way to backpack.

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                  You can most definitely backpack and eat well. We used to go on 10+ day jaunts and would plan our course to include lakes, berry patches, and potential wild mushroom spots (don't forget a botanist). Our carried groceries included hard cheeses, salami, jerk venison, dense bar cookies, pancake mix (serve with huckleberries) oatmeal, pre-measured rice (and a few spice packets), pre-measured skillet bread mixes, and candy bars (some of us needed more calories!). And we routinely carried steak (frozen when packed) for dinner the first night out.

              2. Fire + can o' baked beans