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Oct 28, 2007 08:10 PM

is there a sushi buffet place in boston?

yes? no?

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  1. Yes, search the board for Minado in Natick.

    1. Well there is sushi available at the Arirang House buffet on Mass Ave over near Berkeley

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        I love Arirang House. Not only is there sushi, but there is a whole array of Asian dishes. A really good buffet.

      2. Do you literally mean in Boston, or Metro Boston, or Metro/Suburban Boston? Minado is the best, IMHO, as prav mentioned, but it's way out in Framingham. Closer to Boston proper is the Tue night all-you-can-eat at Mr. Sushi (Arlington is the one I went to...but there is at least one other location). It's not technically a buffet with long serving stations, but you order what you want and they bring it to you. It's $25 if I remember correctly and the quality is not bad. There are many chinese buffets that have some sushi, but those are generally to be avoided. Although I went to one in Maine that blew my mind because it was so cheap - full Chinese buffet plus sushi/sashimi for $10, and not that bad quality.

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          Sushi Yasu in Waltham has all you can eat Tuesday and Wednesday nights for a similar price tag. I think their regular menu is more interesting and its been ages since I have been, so another hound would have to fill in on the AYCE.

          Bamboo which came up in another thread has a lot of multi-colored nigiri on their Sunday buffets (westford, dedham, bedford), but more rice than fish. Hudson Super Buffet is another metro-west option for really basic sushi, but more fish than bamboo.

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            Mr. Sushi in Arlington has done away with the AYCE. They took it off the menu for the summer, and apparently it will not be returning. I don't think the Brookline location ever offered the option.

          2. I've never been to one worth while around here. Even at around $25+ a head, you basically get what you pay for and for the most part it's mediocre to yucky. There was one sushi/sashimi buffet I went to in Houston TX that was fabulous. Very fresh fish and savory, well presented and served everything including uni, ikura, various toro's, kampachi you name it. $65 a head and WORTH it. I wish we had something like that around here cause, my wife and I can easily break $100 on a sushi outing.