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What happened to Doughboys?

I love doughboys. Or I guess I should say I used to love it there. The food is great. There are very few things I have not enjoyed here. The blueberry flax seed pancakes, after-school special and banana pancakes are the real reason I come here though. Anyway, after my experience today I felt compelled to post something because my service was so appalling. I ordered a drink and my glass came covered in red gunk. Considering they have a B health rating I was nervous that it was a used glass and that it hadn't just bumped up against something. I waited almost 10 minutes for our waiter come back and finally I went inside and asked for a new drink and cup. He brought out a plastic cup, slammed it down in front of me and stated that nobody had used this glass! He then continued to ignore us for the rest of the meal. Someone else brought out our food and he never once came over to ask how the food was or if we needed anything. We did- refills. He grabbed one for my roommate but not me. He then disappeared for another 20 minutes when he finally came out and we had to ask for our check.

This place has become so trashy. They have become so lazy. As someone else has pointed out they have had graffiti on their windows for months now. I won't be going back to Doughboys because it's just not worth the bad service. I'm just going to have to learn how to make those flax seed pancakes.

How about you chowhounders? Do you have Doughboys service nightmares or great experiences? Maybe, I've just gotten a few bad ones.

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  1. I actually ate at doughboys for the first time yesterday with a few friends. After waiting 20 minutes to get a table (noonish on a saturday) we were finally seated, and starving. Too bad it took probably 45 minutes for us to get our grub. I understand the place is packed, but we ordered pancakes, soup and sandwiches- hardly time consuming fare. When my pulled pork sandwich (which they claim would be the best i've ever tasted) did arrive, I immediately regretted ordering it. First off, they used flat bread to wrap up the pulled pork. Original, yet just didn't go well at all with the bbq. As for that pork, the sauce only covered a small portion of the meat, leaving most of the pork dry and lacking flavor. A very forgettable sando. I really don't know why the place is slammed all the time. The portions are gargantuan, but I didn't taste anything that would bring me back a second time. I guess people like having 150 menu items to choose from- I find it a bit overwhelming. An chic denny's if you will that appeals to hipsters in the area.

    1. I agree with Woolsey. I never quite got the Doughboy fever. Quality Restaurant down the street may not be the place to see and be seen, but the food is far better.

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        Quality Food & Beverage is down the street from the original Doughboys on 3rd which is now closed. Assume recent complaints are about the new one on Highland. Though the original was ripe for critism too, so crit away.

      2. I have had similar nasty experiences there too. In my life I've deemed food inedible and had to send it back maybe 3 times- 2 of those have been at Dough Boys! The first were the buckwheat blueberry pancakes that were pure mush. Recently i ordered a tomato soup that was unbelievably sweet. I simply couldn't eat it. There's always so many people there and the menu descriptions sound great so we went back for one final try - had a completely flavorless vegetable soup and we called it a day. Also- the place has zero atmosphere. The air is stale and it just feels dirty in there. I agree- I was passing by recently and couldn't believe they still have that same old graffiti there. As far as the staff goes, we didn't have rude service but the place does not appear to be run smoothly at all. Even though it's right around the corner we won't be going back.

        1. I don't expect great service there but it's usually been at least average. And find me someone else who can make banana pecan butterscotch pancakes.

          One time at the (now defunct?) 3rd st. Doughboys, a harried waitress asked me and my girlfriend, "You guys need anything? No, right?" I thought that was pretty funny.

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          1. It always amazes me that there's a line for Doughboys when Ammo is right across the street, uncrowded and so much better...organic ingredients, inventive dishes...try it.

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              The chicken and vegies on brown rice at Ammo is excellent. (And I usually don't go in for that macroneurotic stuff.) Good baked goods and breakfast fare too.

              Ammo Restaurant
              1155 N. Highland Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90038

            2. I went to Doughboys last night, both the food and the service were good overall (a bit more laid-back than I remembered, but we got our refills, and food, check & doggy bags in timely manner). The red velvet cake we got to go was yummy too.

              They really should fix the graffiti/etchings on their windows, however.

              I'm by no means a devout Doughboys fan, but it's a place to consider for casual eats whenever I'm in the area (particularly for late-night grub.)


              1. I used to LOVE Doughboys. Their French Onion Soup (say what you will about it not being authentic, but I really enjoyed it), Toad in the Hole breakfast, and the Fat Boy have all been amazing at some point. However, the consistency of the place has deteriorated. The French Onion Soup was unbearably salty the last time I ate it, the pulled pork sandwich was dry and suspiciously old in flavor, and the service was comparable to most places that I've been to that had a system breaking down and eventually CLOSING down. I haven't been back there in months, but I have ordered their Velvet Cake for birthdays since my last visit. I'm torn because I want the old Doughboys to come back and be the place that really sets the standard for cafe-style LA food with a large selection of fantastic items at reasonable prices. Then again, maybe that's too much to ask for nowadays. BTW, is it true that the one on 3rd closed down (near the Little Door) or are people referring to the original one prior to that location?

                1. Back in the day - 3+ years ago - Doughboys deserved the lines they have today. The food and service was great. As mentioned, huged portions with great prices. Then it happened - Gale voted the red velvet cake the best in the country. This was the beginning of the end!! Not only has the food changed - the service has gone down hill AND it is not even the best red velvet cupcake (which now cost more and are smaller in size).

                  In short - thanks to Oprah - Doughboys SUCKS!

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                    Interesting point... I agree with the Oprah mention and the downhill slide. Where do you recommend for great red velvet cupcakes?